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ReelCraft Stainless Steel Reels

ReelCraft Stainless Steel Reels 5600 and 7800 Series

Description of ReelCraft Stainless Steel Reels

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Cable spools can become broken down and damaged very quickly when used in an industrial setting or an environment where they will be constantly exposed to harsh conditions. Thats why ReelCraft made some Stainless Steel Hose Reels. This sturdy material makes the reels non-corrosive, keeping them in working condition for years to come. To ensure that they do, multiple designs have gone into these stainless hose reels: nylon roller guides for smooth operations, self-locking fasteners to safeguard against intense vibrations, and a multi-position guide arm for various mounting options.

ReelCraft Stainless Steel hose reels are known for their reliability, applied in coastal, offshore and on-board ships in marine environments. Lubrication keeps ReelCraft Stainless Steel hose reels running perfectly, and the swivels include water-tight Viton O-rings to protect vital parts. Hoses and cables are kept off the floor by the tight cable reels to prevent damage and safety hazards. There are multiple models and series available for purchase, such as spring loaded and hand crank styles to fit your needs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made from 305L stainless steel
  • Nylon roller guides for smooth operations
  • Self-locking fasteners
  • Viton O-rings keep parts water tight
  • Multi-position guide arm for multiple mount options
  • Permanent lubrication to keep parts protected



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