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Richco Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

Richco Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

Description of Richco Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

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One thing a workspace doesnt need is clutter. Bundles of wires all over the place, cords that need a little organization, it can become quite the mess. Youve probably heard of cable ties before, but what about cable clamps? From RichCo comes a Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushions to easily add and reroute your wires and cords. The cushions are made out of thermoplastic rubber and rated by UL standards to withstand 194F.

Clearly, RichCo Steel Clamps are built tough; they even pass Military standards R-3065 and AMS-3209. Used commonly in aircraft and military vehicles, the clamps provide vibration absorption as well as insulation to keep electrical signals clear -- great for long-term use. Additionally, the rubber cushions keep the wires from having direct contact with the steel clamps.

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Features and Benefits

  • Provides electrical insulation and vibration absorption
  • Add or reroute wires easily
  • Ideal for long term applications
  • MIL Spec R-3065
  • AMS-3209
  • Thermoplastic rubber cushion rated to 194F
  • Commonly used with aircraft harnesses, pipes, and hoses
  • RoHS Compliant


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