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RC815 Series Medium Rubber Wheel Chocks

Description of RC815 Series Medium Rubber Wheel Chocks

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Ideal for keeping truck trailers stationary during loading and unloading, the 815 Series rubber wheel chock has a Ribbed Pyramid Design for tire contact and a tread bottom for increased traction on the ground.

The 815 Series medium sized wheel chocks come with an Eyebolt for the addition of ropes or chains which are accessories for this product.

Light and easy to transport, every truck and trailer will be able to add another parking brake to there vehicle.

* NSN #: 2540014940078

All wheel chocks are sold as a single piece unless otherwise specified.

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Features and Benefits

  • Durable rubber construction.
  • Ribbed pyramid design.
  • Resistant to the elements.
  • Eyebolt for ropes or chains.

More Info

Wheel Chock User Guidelines

  • Improper use may result in product failure.
  • Select wheel chock according to vehicle type and size.
  • Always use in pairs and on firm surfaces.
  • Chock in direction of grade.
  • Chock both sides of wheel if direction of grade is undetermined.
  • Use only after parking brake is applied and tested.
  • Center chocks snugly and squarely against tread of each wheel.
  • Always test chock to insure they meet requirements.
  • Dont drive over wheel chocks.


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