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Rodalong Coated Fiberglass Continuous Rod

Rodalong Coated Fiberglass Continuous Rod

Description of Rodalong Coated Fiberglass Continuous Rod

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Electricians and plumbers alike could always use a hand, or even an arm and a leg, when trying to reach cables at the end of a long duct. From Rodalong comes the Coated Fiberglass Continuous Rod for feeding through electrical conduits, fiber optic inner ducts, drains, and main water lines. Coated with polypropylene to keep the fiberglass rod from shattering, it also comes with a metal carrier to wind it up when on the go.

The carrier folds up, 9 inches wide for portability, and has non-metal/non-conductive rods extending along the spool to protect delicate wires. While dispensing the cable pulling rod, you can stop it at anytime with its easy to use braking system. Additionally, the carrier aids in control of the extended rod; a handle on the carrier makes rewinding a breeze. Rodalong Coated Fiberglass Continuous Rod is compatible with all other Rodalong push-pull rods accessories available below.

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Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene coated
  • Bright yellow, non-metal/non-conductive rods
  • Easy to use braking systems
  • Comes with handle on carrier



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