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Round Plastic Finish Desk Grommets

Description of Round Plastic Finish Desk Grommets

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When drilling holes in the wall, whether to run a cable through or installing hooks, it usually ends up looking unattractive and is rough around the edges. To take care of those problems, all you need are some Round Plastic Finish Desk Grommets. Not only do plastic desk grommets take of unsightly holes, but they also protect any passing objects, such as cables, bundles, and other objects.

Designed to be two pieces, there is an open sleeve that lines the hole and a snap-top cover to close around the passing through object, making a snug fit. Made with a plastic finish, these round desk grommets are available as the two piece design or just as the open sleeve for large, easy-to-pass through installations. Smaller diameters are good for USB cables, phone lines, Ethernet, etc. These Round Plastic Finish Desk Grommets will complement a variety of home and office dcor, and come in many different sizes for various applications and uses.

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Features and Benefits

  • Plastic finish inserts improve the appearance of holes in walls and other materials
  • Two-piece design features an open sleeve and a snap-top cover
  • Various diameters for different job needs
  • Large diameter grommets provide a pass-through for objects/cables
  • Simple installation
  • Available in 10 matte finishes
  • Available as a complete two-piece design or just as the inner sleeve


Desk Grommets 4/11/2013
Reviewed by: Edward A. S from Latham, New York.
I was delighted with the service. The sales person was knowledgeable and helpful the product arrived on time as promised in perfect condition. I can recommend the company without reservation.



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