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Rubber T-Stem Bumpers

Rubber T-Stem Bumpers

Description of Rubber T-Stem Bumpers

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For protecting doors, machinery, and other components from contact damage, Rubber T-Stem Bumpers are a great solution. Made from a durable rubber, these grommets will provide a cushion between parts for years to come.

T-stem grommets are great for use in woodworking and automotive applications where cabinet feet may need to be kept grounded, or doors and hoods need cushioning. Available in many lengths, heights, and diameters, the Rubber T-stem bumper can fit any size hole and minimizes nearly all contact damage between two items.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made from durable rubber
  • Available in rounded or flat-head style, and in varying lengths/heights/diameters
  • Comes in black

More Info

Common NamesNeoprene
ASTM D-2000 ClassificationBC, BE
Military (MIL STD 417)SC
Chemical DefinitionPolychloroprene

 General Characteristics
 Durometer Range (Shore A)20-95 
 Tensile Range (P.S.I.)500-3000 
 Elongation (Max%)600 
 Compression SetGood 
 Resilience - ReboundExcellent 
 Abrasion ResistanceExcellent 
 Tear ResistanceGood 
 Solvent ResistanceFair 
 Oil ResistanceFair 
 Low Temperature Usage (F)+10 to -50 
 High Temperature Usage (F)to 250 
 Aging Weather - SunlightGood 
 Adhesion to MetalsGood to Excellent 
 Additional Neoprene FeaturesHigh resilience with low compression set
Flame resistance
Compounds can be made without sulfur
Animal and Vegatable oil resistant
Generally not affected by moderate chemicals, fats, greases, many oils and solvents

Weak to strong oxidizing acids, esters, ketones, chlorinated aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons


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