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SBR Recessed Bumpers

SBR Recessed Bumpers

Description of SBR Recessed Bumpers

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To put some cushioning in between car doors, cabinets, or even the feet of a chair, the best solution is SBR Recessed Bumpers. Built out of 60 durometer Styrene Butadiene, these rubber grommets are durable.

Additionally, the bumpers are designed with a divot area to conceal screws, fasteners, or even the component it is used with. Able to withstand -80 F to 300 F, and available in 3 styles, the SBR Recessed Bumpers are great for many applications, in cold and hot environments.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made from 60 durometer SBR
  • Recessed area for concealing fasteners and screws
  • Can withstand from -80 F to 300 F
  • Available with a washer insert for additional stability
  • Available in three different styles: flat, round, and doughnut
  • Comes in black

More Info

Common NamesSBR
ASTM D-2000 ClassificationSBR, GRS
Military (MIL STD 417)RS
Chemical DefinitionStyrene Butadiene

 General Characteristics
 Durometer Range (Shore A)30-100 
 Tensile Range (P.S.I.)500-3000 
 Elongation (Max%)600 
 Compression SetGood 
 Resilience - ReboundGood
 Abrasion ResistanceExcellent 
 Tear ResistanceFair
 Solvent ResistancePoor
 Oil ResistancePoor
 Low Temperature Usage (F)0 to -50 
 High Temperature Usage (F)to 250
 Aging Weather - SunlightPoor
 Adhesion to MetalsExcellent 
 Additional FeaturesWater reistant
Resilience up to 70 durometer
Satisfactory resistance for moderate chemicals
Weak to strong oxidizing acids, oils, greases, fats, and most hydrocarbons.


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