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STI SpecSeal Triple S Intumescent Sealant 10.1 oz Tube

Description of STI SpecSeal Triple S Intumescent Sealant 10.1 oz Tube

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Keep walls and floors fire rated using STI SpecSeal Triple S Intumescent Sealant around pipe or cable pass through. Easy to apply due to the multi-viscosity makeup and when dry can be sanded and painted to blend into the surroundings. The water-based intumescent sealant is safe to work with, and when heated, a two stage expanding process occurs to provide a smoke and gas safety seal.

UL 1479 (ASTM E814); UL 2079 and Frequency Modulation approved.

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Features and Benefits

  • Low volatile organic compounds, no solvents or halogens.
  • Great for sound proofing.
  • Attaches to surfaces found in buildings including concrete, metal, wood and drywall.

More Info

Properties Series SSS
Color Red
Odor Mild Latex
Density 9.4 lbs/gal (1.13 kg/L)
Solids Content 80% ± 2%
pH 8.3
In Service Temperature 130°F
Flame Spread 0*
Smoke Developed 10*

*Tested to ASTM E84 (UL723) at 14% surface coverage
Properties Series SSS
STC Rating (ASTM E90/ASTM C919) 62 62
VOC Content (EPA Method 24/ASTM D3960) 0.18 lbs/gal (22.0g/L)
Shelf Rating 2 years
Expansion Begins 230°F (110°C) 1st Stage 350°F (177°C) 2nd Stage
Expansion Range 230F to >1,000F (110C to >538C)
Volume Expansion >500% Free Expansion

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