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Shielded Power Copper CCTV Wires

Shielded Power Copper CCTV Wires

Description of Shielded Power Copper CCTV Wires

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Shielded wire pairs tend to do better at resisting alien cross-talk, electromagnetic and radio-frequency interferences. Cables with STPs are an ideal choice for camera security systems. Highly conductive, this shielded CCTV power wire is copper braided and wrapped in aluminum foil for greater resistance against EMI and RFI.

Sheathed in a CMR rated jacket, these security copper power wires are flame retardant and self-extinguishing in the case of a fire. Additionally, they work best as permanent solutions that donít need to constantly move and bend.

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Features and Benefits

  • CCTV power wire, made copper braid and shielded by aluminum foil
  • Great for powering CCTV camera and security systems
  • CMR Rated jacket sheath
  • 18AWG/2 conductors
  • UL Listed


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