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Sikadur AnchorFix-2 Anchoring Adhesive

Description of Sikadur AnchorFix-2 Anchoring Adhesive

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10 fl. oz (300ml) Ready to use cartridge.

Using a cartridge-in-cartridge system, the two-component Sikadur AnchorFix 2 is an anchoring adhesive that is used with all grades of rebars, threaded rods, bolts and special fastening systems. This epoxy acrylate anchoring adhesive is styrene-free and slovent-free, emits a low odor, and is fast curing.

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Features and Benefits

  • Low sensitivity to mixing errors.
  • Fast-curing.
  • Low odor.
  • Moisture tolerant.

More Info

Technical Data

Shelf Life Use within 12 months of manufacturing date
Storage Conditions Store in original unopened packaging in cool, well-ventilated conditions at 40-80F (4-7) and out of direct sunlight.
Color Component A+B mised: uniform gray
Mixing Ratio Component A: Component B+ 10:1 by volume
Consistency Component. A+B mixed: non-sag, creamy paste
Application Temperatures Substrate and ambient: 14-86F (-10C-30C)
Density (Mixed) 2.75 lb./gal (.33 kg/l)

Component A: IRRITANT. Contains epoxy resin, and silica quartz (sand). Eye irritant. May cause skin/respiratory irritation. Harmful if swallowed

Component B: IRRITANT, SENSITIZER. Causes eye irritation. May cause skin/respiratory irritation. Prolonged and/or repeated skin contact may cause an allergic reaction/sensitization. Harmful if swallowed.

Gel and Curing Times

Application Temperature Gel Time Cure Time
 95F (35C) 2 minutes 25 minutes
 86F (30C) 3 minutes 35 minutes
 68F (20C) 5 minutes 40 minutes
 50F (10C) 8 minutes 70 minutes
 41F (5C) 12 minutes 90 minutes
 32F (0C) 20 minutes 3 hours
 23F (-5C) 50 minutes 15 hours
 14F (-10C) 80 minutes 24 hours


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