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Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties

Description of Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties

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Bundling pipes at job sites, cables and wires around the house, and garden hoses can not only save space but improves safety and cable management.

These Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties are made of a flexible high-grade nylon enabling it to adjust to any shape for a tighter grip. Nylon Cable Lashing Ties are environmentally friendly, do not corrode and withstand extreme weather conditions making it perfect for industrial, commercial, warehouse, office and household use.

One of the many features of these heavy duty cable ties is the smooth edges which prevent damage to softer materials or injuries to handlers. Locking tabs on buckles allow for releasing cable tie for removing and readjusting applications. Cutting exact amount of this nylon cable means having more material for other duties. With a maximum strength varying from 230 lbs to 1100 lbs, these durable nylon cable ties can be used to hang just about anything. Different diameters are available to match you applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • Release tabs on buckle allow for future reuse
  • Flexible nylon design permits reshaping for tight grip
  • Smooth edges prevent damage or accidents to handlers
  • Ideal for bundling pipes, hoses and cables for storage or handling
  • Manufactured from high grade nylon to withstand extreme indoor and outdoor temperatures

More Info

Band Width 19mm - 3/4 inch 10mm - 3/8 inch 7mm - 1/4 inch
Max Strength (kgs / lbs) 500 / 1100 200 / 485 95 / 230
Min Temp (C° / F° ) -40 / -40 -40 / -40 -40 / -40
Max Temp (C° / F° ) 125 / 260 125 / 260 125 / 260
Min Diameter (mm / inch) 75 / 3 100 / 4 75 / 3
Max Diameter (mm / inch) N/A 800/32 600 / 24
Band Thickness (mm / inch) 3.6 / 0.14 3.6 / 0.14 2.5 / 0.1
Supply Condition Reel Reel Reel
Hand Tool CT-HCL-SM-FT-2000-19 CT-HCL-710-TOOL CT-HCL-710-TOOL

The Smart Band® is easy to install. Insert the cable tie into the buckle, wrap around the application and inserted through the opposite end of the buckle. Tighten and cut any excess band using the tool. Semi-releasable band can be removed simply by lifting the locking tabs and removing the band from the buckle.

* The 4mm and 7mm Smart Band® can also be tightened with hand pliers.
1. Insert band into buckle. 2. Wrap band around application and insert into other end of buckle 3. Use tool to tighten and secure band. 4. Use cutter blade on tool to remove excess band


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