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Solder-It SolderPRO 120 Multifunction Tool

Solder-It - Hot Knife/Heat Gun

Description of Solder-It SolderPRO 120 Multifunction Tool

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Installing braided sleeving can be simple if cut neatly. Cutting cable sleeving with scissors can sometimes not work correctly due to the braided sleeving coming apart. Using the Solder-It Hot Knife guarantees a good clean and sealed braided sleeving.

This portable hot knife works with butane so there is no need for connecting cables to the wall for power. It comes with an ignition button that only requires a simple push making this powered torch very user friendly. The heat on this hot knife can be adjusted up to 2500F. One fill of butane fluid will allow up to 4 hours of operation.

As a BONUS, weve added a cutting blade attachment.

Replacement blades are also available.

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Features and Benefits

  • No AC power required
  • Refillable butane powered torch
  • djustable heat for custom jobs
  • Great for all braided sleeving
  • Made in the USA


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