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Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps & Traffic Safety Mini Speed Humps

Traffic safety is a serious business, and Electriduct helps you seriously slow things down with our collection of speed bumps, speed humps and rumble strips. Like all of Electriduct's product lines, our speed bumps are made from the highest quality materials, and designed to provide years of optimal service. No matter whether you are managing a parking lot or just trying to keep traffic speed reduced around your job site, a well-placed speed bump goes a long way toward maintaining a safe and productive environment. Our speed bumps are made from exceptional materials, like recycled and masticated rubber, with safety features like reflective surfaces and bright yellow finishes to ensure visibility and enforce caution.

For those of you who are new to the Electriduct experience, you now have a place to get the best safety products at the lowest prices around. Our Speed Numbs safety bump rumble strips are an affordable way to slow vehicle traffic down, and the ease of installation makes it workable for virtually any user. Looking to protect cords or cables that stretch across the roadway? Our parking stops and speed bumps by Eagle are built with high density polyethylene and feature two channels to help you keep your electric cords safe and undamaged. Want to slow things down, but not to a complete crawl? Our mini speed humps, made by RubberForm, are designed to maintain 15-25 mph speeds and can handle virtually any type of traffic you can roll over it.

Electriduct has a long history - over 50 years - of keeping our customers happy. We invite you to check out our easy to navigate online catalog to find the cable management or other equipment you need for your job. If you have any questions, or need a little assistance on a custom order, you can reach one of our professional and extremely knowledgeable customer service representatives by calling 1-866-673-9590 at any time. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction, both with our products and the way we take care of our customers.