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Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap Sleeving Colors

Description of Spiral Wrap

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Spiral Wrap is an easy way to bundle multiple cables into one. The wrap design allows for cable breakouts to create specific re-routing and replacement of wires. Use this wire wrap like a tool that holds cable tight while protecting from abrasions.

Made of polyethylene, this popular size is perfect for small to medium home and office bundling projects.

Available in hard to find colors, you’ll be able to match your décor or labeling needs: black, white, clear, blue, red, yellow, neon yellow, neon green, and neon pink.

For your larger projects, we also offer a mini-spool of spiral cable wrap in 100’ lengths.

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Features and Benefits

  • Polyethylene tubing is abrasian resistant and highly flexible
  • Easily bundle and protect one or more cables
  • Reusable and removable
  • Made of polyethylene, the tubing is abrasion resistant and highly flexible
  • Recommended bundle diameter between .313 inches and .7 inches


Spiral Wrap Protection 1/4/2018
Reviewed by: Bobby from Scottsdale.
In our hangar we needed something to protect our equipment's cords from everyday use, scuffs, etc. To replace a cable on this equipment can cost $1,000 and more. By using the spiral wrap as an additional shield will add years of life to the cable. My team is impressed with the results.

More Info

Size (Nominal)
Sizes are approximate and not exact
1/4" 5mm/6mm
3/8" 9mm/10mm
1/2" 10.4mm/12mm
3/4" 18mm/20mm
1" 22mm/25mm
1.25" 27mm/30mm


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