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Studio Key Sleeve

Studio Key Sleeve
Studio Key Sleeve  

Creating film or video settings is tough when special effects must be rendered into the different takes. Background settings must be either green or blue so that editing can be achieved easily. Wires or poles on the set can sometimes ruin takes because they werent moved far enough to not affect the recording. Covering all your wires, cables, and poles with Studio Key Sleeve will make shooting those special effect scenes easier and quicker to edit.

Studio Key Sleeve is engineered from a tough vinyl thick enough so cables or wires cannot be seen or damaged due to moisture deteriorating the insulation of wires or cables. Oils are no match for this durable sleeving that is also gasoline, solvents, and engine chemicals resistant. This reversible sleeve has blue on one side and green on the other for different background settings and tightly secures bundled cables with a hook and loop locking system. The Studio Key Sleeve is a strong vinyl sleeve that is easy to clean and can be reused for all you cable management needs.

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