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Techlace Braided Nylon Lacing Tape

Techlace Braided Nylon (Polyamide) Lacing Tape

Description of Techlace Braided Nylon Lacing Tape

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A great way to neatly bundle up your wires without worrying about pinching or damage is through the use of Braided Flat Lacing Tape. Constructed from Nylon (Polyamide), this Techlace cable lacing has high tensile strength to provide wires with a firm harness. Better than other forms of bundling, such as zip ties that can crush or damage the insulative jackets on wiring, this wax-impregnated nylon string will bend and flex to reinforce cables without constricting them.

The Braided Nylon wire dressing can endure a heat range of -67F to 250F, and melts at 478F. Use this cable lacing for all types of wire bundles, whether youre tying up a bunch of cords into a neat tight package or creating a support system for your wires to stand on. Techlace Braided Nylon Flat Lacing Tape comes in one available color, Natural, and with a choice of no finish or a synthetic rubber finish.

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Features and Benefits

  • Thermal endurance: -67F to 250F
  • Melting point: 478F
  • A-No Finish or C-Synthetic Rubber



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