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Triplett ClipLite

Triplett ClipLite

Description of Triplett ClipLite

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Working in the dark is never anyone’s ideal job, especially when the jobsite is one of construction. A great way to shine some light while keeping your hands free is by using the Triplett ClipLite, an adjustable LED light that can clip onto most hardhats and headgear. Employed with an “over visor” design, this device can brighten the dimmest settings without impairing one’s vision. Another great application for the Triplett lite comes from its ability to attach onto baseball caps, able to be used by joggers at night.

Made with an adjustable feature, this light source can be aimed at where it needs to be. Equipped with 5 high intensity LEDS (3 white and 2 red), the Triplett Clip Lite has a great emergency flash mode to replicate the universal lighting for “distress” or “crisis.” Control the illumination with a large push button for activating the cap lite; powered by two CR2032 batteries, this device can operate up to 100,000 hours before dying out.

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Features and Benefits

  • Attaches to most hats and headgear
  • Over visor design to keep vision clear
  • Equipped with 5 High Intensity LEDs (3 White, 2 Red)
  • Large push button LED control
  • Long life of 100,000 hours
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Emergency flash mode
  • Includes two CR2032 batteries
  • One Year Standard Warranty


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