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Triplett Cobracam 2 and Cobracam with USB 2

Triplett Cobracam 2 and Cobracam with USB 2
Triplett Cobracam 2  

The Triplett CobraCam 2 and CobraCam USB II are portable inspection cameras that offer visual access to otherwise inaccessible areas. Similar to how fiber optic cameras work, both of these devices are a small camera on the end of a polyethylene covered, steel snake. Each of the two CobraCam tools has features that separate them from one another, although they have similar objectives and uses. Both can be applied in plumbing and electrical installations, viewing behind or beneath obstructions, scoping conduits and ductwork, gaining a visual of confined spaces, retrieving small magnetic objects, and much more.

The CobraCam 2 comes with a video monitor for adjusting CCTV’s that displays full color images on a 2.4” LCD screen. Signals from cameras, DVRs, DVDs, and such can be received by the viewing monitor. The camera is less than 13/32” in diameter and is equipped with 2 bright LEDs to aid in illuminating its surroundings. Sealed watertight, the CobraCam camera operates at the end of a 6ft flexible snake, but can extend up to 100ft with the accessories listed below.

Equipped with a USB interface, the other Triplett CobraCam device is made to take pictures and videos to be later viewed on a PC, laptop, or MAC computer. The camera at the end of the 34” snake is only 7/16” in diameter, and is also waterproof (up to the handle). Images taken are fully colored but can be set to black and white if desired. A shining feature of the CobraCam USB II is that you can find and inspect problems before tearing down walls and other surfaces.

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