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Triplett Fuezr LED Work Light

Triplett Fuezr LED Work light

Description of Triplett Fuezr LED Work Light

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Ever find yourself in the dark, trying to finish a project that just gets harder as the day goes on? If so, perhaps a powerful light source would help make things easier. Say hello to the Triplett Fuezr LED Work light, able to be used as a small flashlight or a flood light to see as clear as day. Made with a non-slip, SilkGrip finish, this device is easy to carry around.

When itís time to power up the 27 SuperBrite LEDS, use the adjustable stand to set the light down or use the 3 axis magnets to mount it right on a metallic surface. Also equipped with a self-storing swivel hook, feel free to hang this illuminating tool anywhere you need it. There are many applications that the Triplett Fuezr is great for: working at night, tuning up the car, while hunting or camping, and even setting it up on a suspended ceiling above the work space. The Triplett Fuezr LED light comes with a carrying case for easy storage and portability between jobs.

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Features and Benefits

  • 27 SuperBrite LEDS, with flood light and flashlight mode
  • 3 Axis magnets for easy mounting and atatchment
  • Self-storing hook and adjustable stand
  • Non-slip SilkGrip finish
  • Carrying case included
  • 3 AAA batteries included
  • One Year Standard Warranty

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