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Triplett LazerTape 160 Distance Meter

Triplett LazerTape 160 Distance Meter

Description of Triplett LazerTape 160 Distance Meter

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Imagine that with the push of a button, you can measure up to over 100ft with amazing speed and accuracy. That’s now a reality with the use of the Triplett LazerTape 160 Distance Meter, a point-and-shoot measuring device that uses a laser to scan the distance between two points in mere seconds. Ranging from 2” to 164ft, the laser has the accuracy of about 60 thousandths of an inch. It may sound like a simple laser pointer, but in actuality, the LazerTape 160 literally displays the covered length in units of choice on a 3 line, backlit LCD display.

No longer do installers, technicians, electricians, and other professionals have to put up with sagging tape that can’t quite reach the desired length without fault. With the Triplett laser measuring device, tackle some of the largest jobs with a single button. Featuring an integrated calculator, convert any distance into another unit of measure; additionally, the Laser tape has a non-volatile memory, allowing you to recall the last 20 of your measurements for big projects.

The keypad is designed with soft-touch keys and an ergonomic grip to reduce the possibility of cramping during long work hours. Covered in IP54 dust and splash protection, this Triplett digital tape measure won’t get damaged easily. When not in-use, a Cordura carrying case is included to protect the device from outside foreign particles. Get up to 4,000 measurements on a single charge of 2 AAA batteries. The Triplett LazerTape 160 Distance Meter has even more great features listed in the “features and benefits” section.

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Features and Benefits

  • Non-contact Distance Measurement from 2" to 160ft
  • High Accuracy - typically 60 Thousandths of an Inch
  • Rugged Overmolded RubberGrip Case
  • Fully Annunciated, 3 Line, Backlit LCD Display
  • True Laser Measurement - not just a "pointer"
  • Distance Measurements within seconds
  • Measures distance of Adjacent Objects (ex: 1" apart, 20ft away)
  • Visible Red Laser Pinpoints target Object or Surface
  • Not Affected by nearby objects, only measures laser path
  • Superior to Ultrasonic distance measurers
  • Often superior to tape measures - no "tape sag" or "tape stretch"
  • One person operation - No one needed to hold other end of tape
  • Calculate distances indirectly (Single and double Pythagorean Function)
  • Add or subtract lengths
  • Calculate area or volume
  • Automatically Find the minimum or maximum distance
  • Non-volatile memory - Recall your last 20 measurements
  • 2 position reference (front or rear)
  • Unit selection (feet, inches, meters)
  • Fractional Inch Indication (1/16", 1/2", 5/8" etc)
  • Audible Feedback (beeper)
  • Compact and Lightweight, pocketsize
  • Long battery life, 4000 measurements
  • Long life soft touch keypad
  • IP54 dust and splash protection
  • Optimized for indoor use
  • Auto power Off
  • Built in diagnostics (error code display)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Carrying case included
  • Use 2 AAA batteries
  • Three year warranty



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