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Triplett PowrJaw Diagonal Cutter Pliers

Triplett PowrJaw Diagonal Cutter Pliers
Triplett PowrJaw Pliers - 8"  

Made of high-strength chrome, Triplett PowrJaw Pliers are surprisingly lightweight for tools so durable. Available in 7.5 and 8 inches, each model is a little different, and yet they both can be used for electrical work, plumbing, or tinkering with security systems.

The shorter length is mainly designed for electricians, always gripping wires in small spaces.
The longer version of these Triplett diagonal pliers are made more for cutting. However, both feature a compound action that delivers a 100% gain in power, and a corrosion resistant finish for long-lasting tools.

PowrJaw pliers will grip flat, round, and irregular objects no matter what task is at hand. Equipped with cushioned handles, your hands won’t get tired easily while on the job, so you can keep working longer without fatigue. Both Triplett pliers also have spring-loaded and lockable handles—great for storage when not in-use, and even better for long job shifts.

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