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Triplett Ruggedized VOM

Triplett Ruggedized VOM
Triplett Ruggedized VOM  

The Triplett Ruggedized voltage meter is the best VOM in the industry, designed with a unique 3-fuse protection to prevent burn-outs from high energy overload. Encased in a high-impact, rugged orange case, this Volt measuring device can take day-to-use and resists damage from accidental drops. Made primarily for general electrical equipment testing, the Triplett Model 60 has 28 ranges and functions for a wide variety of applications.

Audio work is also possible with the Ruggedized VOM—this device can read decibel ranges from -20dBm to +52dBm. An original feature built into the voltage instrument for reassurance checks is known as the “confidence test”, where you can test the performance of batteries, fuses, leads, and meter accuracy. Along with the safety measurements taken to prevent explosive arcs, insulation of the instrument, and the diode overload protection, the Triplett Ruggedized Volt/Ohm meter is definitely the device electricians and technicians want in their tool set.

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