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Triplett SatAlign 2 Satelite Signal Strength Meter

Triplett SatAlign 2 Satelite Signal Strength Meter
Triplett SatAlign 2  

The Triplett SatAlign 2 makes a two-person job a one-person job with its compact design and easy-to-use interface. Truly a DIY device, this satellite signal strength meter is made for installing and/or realigning a satellite dish. Not only does this save time, but it also saves money when you don’t need to make an expensive service call to the “professional” installers. With two power source options available, plug the SatAlign 2 either directly into the receiver or into an external power source and fire it up.

Once the satellite meter is on, the readout should be very easy to understand. Adjust and realign your dish in mere moments; as the signal becomes stronger, the audible tone changes in pitch, and the amplifier is so sensitive that the tiniest change can make all the difference. The SatAlign 2 has amazing versatility, able to work with all brands of dish antennas and satellite receivers. Plus, knowing when the correct power has been met is easy with two LED indicators that light up (red at 18V, yellow at 13V).

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