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USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub

USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub
USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub  

The USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub is a convenient unit for connecting several devices into a computer at once. Built with a plug and play function, just hook up an accessory and it’s ready for use. Multimedia devices like cameras, external components like printers and keyboards, and other products similar to these can all be connected simultaneously.

Designed to be used as bus or self-powered, the 2.0 Dual power hub has both energy sources included: an external power supply and one USB A/B cable. This means that you can either connect the 7-port data center directly into a computer or laptop, or plug it into an AC outlet for more power. Using an external source may also cause data transfers to run faster, as a result of more energy being supplied to the USB 2.0 unit.

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