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Cable Blanket Low Profile Cord Cover - UT Wire

Cable Blanket Low Profile Cord Cover in Grey.

Description of Cable Blanket Low Profile Cord Cover - UT Wire

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Experience versatility in a floor cord protector like never before with the Cable Blanket.

Made with a soft and flexible rubber, the Cable Blanket forms itself to the amount of cables tucked underneath for the lowest profile possible.

Following the Do-It-Yourself theme, this cord cover comes adhesive-ready and easily cut to adjust length.

Installation is a breeze; just peel the adhesive seal, stick, tuck in cables, cover, and enjoy a trip-free floor!

  • This floor cord cover holds as little or many cords as needed. Fits up to 10 Ethernet Cables or 5 Power Cords.
  • Cut to your desired length with a pair of scissors. Easily applies to any flooring surface.
  • Low-profile to create a trip-free floor. One of our most compact low-profile cord covers.
  • Sticks to short pile carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, and concrete.

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