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Cable Station 2 & Mini Wire Organizers - UT Wire

Cable Station 2 in packaging

Description of Cable Station 2 & Mini Wire Organizers - UT Wire

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Create your own cable station on your desktop to organize messy and tangled cords from the computer, charger, router, monitor, speaker, telephone, or entertainment system.

You can write directly onto the Cable Stations to help you easily identify cords. Cable Station 1 comes with 4 slots and Cable Station 2 & Mini comes with 5 slots to separate each individual cable. Extend or remove cords without any trouble.

  • Gathers and organizes multiple cords from computer, router, speaker, telephone, entertainment system and so much more
  • Hold and prevent unplugged cords from slipping under desks
  • Mountable using a double sided adhesive tape (Cable Station 2 and Mini only)
  • 4 or 5 slots to store individual cords separately.
  • Add or remove individual cords without difficulty
  • Writable material to easy identify cords

Cable Station 1: 3" Long, Cable Station 2: 2.75" Tall, Cable Station Mini: 1.5" Tall

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  • (1) Insert Cords prior to adhering the
    Cable Station 2 onto a flat surface.
  • (2) Wipe the surface clean and make
    apply tape to the surface.


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