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Flexi Ties Cushioned Twist Cable Wraps - UT Wire

Flexi Ties by UT Wire

Description of Flexi Ties Cushioned Twist Cable Wraps - UT Wire

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Flexi Ties is a cord wrapper with soft cushioning that will bundle cords tightly without cutting into the insulation of cords.

Flex and twist to easily organize cables and around cords to bundle, organize or group.

These are reusable cable ties, so you can use them as many times as needed.

  • Soft and Flexible: The soft cushion surface doesn’t cut into insulation and prevents damage to cords.
  • 6 Colors: Flexi Ties come in a variety of colors, making cord organization and identification easy.
  • 3 Sizes: Available in three different lengths so that you can organize various cord types.

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