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Pocket for Laptop Accessories & Travel Pouch - UT WIre

Pocket for Laptop Accessories & Travel Pouch - UT WIre
Pocket Travel Pouch open. (Part: UTW-PKT03)  

The 2-in-1 Pocket and Mouse pad for Laptop is a travel-friendly organization products. This versatile travel organizer was specifically designed to perfectly enclose and protect your laptop charger and mouse.

Constructed with a mouse pad surface exterior and a non-slip rubber grip lining, the pouch transforms into the perfect mouse pad for travel. There’s no need to pack a separate mouse pad.

  • Secure Pouch Storage: The Pocket for Laptop provides safe storage for your laptop charger, mouse, and other tech accessories.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip Lining: Ensures the mouse pad will stay in place.
  • Mouse pad Surface Exterior: Pouch exterior is constructed with mouse pad traction, so there’s no need to pack a separate mouse pad.
  • Completely Unzips: Completely unzips to lay flat and convert into the perfect on-the-go mouse pad.

The Pocket for Travel helps you stay organized and keeps your cords and cables all in one place. It makes your cords easy to find. Store chargers, USB cables, power banks and more.

  • Ultra Compact Design: Compact enough to be travel ready and easy to pack, but large enough to fit all your on-the-go essentials.
  • Durable & Water Resistant: Exterior is constructed with a durable, water resistant material.
  • L-Zip Pouch: Keeps all your essentials inside and prevent them from falling out.
  • Zipped Mesh Pocket: Additional storage for items of any shape and size. See-through mesh material allows you to easily find what you need.
  • 4 Elastic Bands: Elastic bands hold cables separately and securely
  • Thick Insulated Padding: Thick foam padding protects your gear while still being lightweight for travel
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