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Ultra-Light Weight Economy Speed Bump

Description of Ultra-Light Weight Economy Speed Bump

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Each speed bump has (6) yellow safety plates embedded into each section that are made from composite material for protection against salt, freeze, and thaw. This recycled PVC light weight product is flexible allowing contouring to road crown and is available in 3 lengths that may be connected to form larger units.

Each speed bump structure is 3' in length and would need (2) main pieces x 3' long, to make up a standard size 6' speed bump. Also two 1" x 1-1/2" channels can be used for temporary or permanent cable runs underneath the speed bump.

The end caps x 5" long, (1) U channel connector clip(only if ordered in pairs) and the necessary mounting equipment are included.

Ultra Light Weight Speed Bumps are ideal for effective speed reduction on roads, surface parking lots and indoor garages. Best of all, this Ultra-Light speed bump only weighs 20 lbs for a standard 6 speed bump, which ships at a fraction of the cost compared to competition weighing 50lbs 60 lbs!

Choose Mounting Hardware:

  • 12" Long Asphalt Bolts (2pcs)
  • 8" Long Concrete Lag Bolts (2pcs)

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Features and Benefits

  • Recommended applications are: School zones, Shopping centers, Parking lots and garages, Residential roads, Public and private parking facilities, Temporary use on lane ways
  • Includes 1 snap on end caps with a sloped modular profile, installation hardware and (1) “U” channel connector clip for each pair of speed bumps ordered.
  • Only weighs 20 lbs for a standard 6´ speed bump, which ships at a fraction of the cost compared to competition weighing 50lbs - 60 lbs!
  • Installation mounting hardware included: Rebar(Spike) OR Lag Bolt (Choose One when Ordering)


Ultra-Light Weight Economy Speed Bump 9/23/2014
Reviewed by: Les Morse from Billings Montana.
I have a problem during a hard rain where the water runs in the driveway and heads for the garage and a basement window. The city won't do anything about the curbing and short of spending $8500.00 to replace the driveway I ordered the curbing and anchored it at the end of the driveway along the curb. Out side of a little bump, water problem solved.
Homeowner 2/7/2012
Reviewed by: Nathan Broussard from Houston, Texas.
Added landscape lighting to my home, one problem I had was running wire across or under the driveway, needless to say going under was not going to happen. The quality is industrial and should last many years out on the driveway and as a bonus benefit it acts as (and is) a speed bump which stops cars/trucks from driving through our new security gate too fast. 150% recommended you will not be disappointed.
Speed Bump 10/23/2011
Reviewed by: Darek from NJ.
Very fast shipping, speed bump works great. My sloped driveway was taking water from the street, now is blocked by speed bump. While nailing it one of the pins broke when I hit it with the axe to hard, so take easy on them, go slowly. All pieces of the bump stay together and don't separate.
Mr. 1/20/2011
Reviewed by: Steve Rychlewski from Illinois.
My driveway is very sloped, and during icy Chicago winters I've had cars slide down my driveway and cause damage. I rest my tires against speed bumps to prevent car from sliding. They look great and are very high quality. They are very discreet against my asphalt driveway.



Speed Bumps are 3 Feet in length

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