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Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Wire Strip Tools

Economy UTP Stripper w/110 Punch Blade

Description of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Wire Strip Tools

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Network cable installation requires a lot of work, and itís only harder to do without the right tools. You usually will need to strip, cut, and punch down wires between conductors and connectors for different systems, especially for telecommunications. The best way to overcome this problem is with a multi-function tool like the Economical UTP Stripper or the 4-Way Coax/UTP/Wire Stripper and Cutter. With a 110 block punch blade built in, the Eco UTP is practically designed for working on telephone systems. Additionally, there are several grooves carved into this punch down tool for cutting different sizes of wires and cables such as Cat.3, Cat 5E, and Cat6.

If that doesnít have your interest, try taking a look at the compact 4-Way Coax/UTP/Wire Stripper and Cutter. In the shape of a stapler, the 4-Way Coax tool can strip and cut varying cables such as unshielded twisted pairs and Category 3 for telephones. An adjustment screw is included with the Wire stripper and cutter for audio cables, giving you the ability to set-up cable TV as well as computer networks. For a quick, economic, and easy way to enter the world of multimedia, either of these two UTP Wire stripper-cutters is a smart purchase.

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Features and Benefits

  • Strip cables and wires quickly and efficiently
  • Multiple functions and compact size
  • Perfect for computer network, telephone and Cable TV installers



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