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Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

Description of Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

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Best characterized by its flexibility, Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Fiberglass Sleevings are produced by curing a modified acrylic resin on a continuous fiberglass braid.

Resistant to most acids, organic solvents, oils and water and exhibit fair resistance to alkalies, these acrylic fiberglass braided sleevings are compatible with modified polyester, acrylic, epoxy, phenolic and formvar wire enamels and are engineered to perform for long periods in a 155C range without loss of any electrical or physical properties.

Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleevings are used to insulate leads and crossovers in fractional and integral horsepower motors. They also are used in dry and oil-filled transformers, generators and other moisture-sensitive equipment, as well as in home appliances, lighting fixtures, instrument circuits and controls.

Additional uses include switchgear, breaker panels, welding equipment and other commercial apparatus subjected to continuous operating temperatures of 155C, particularly those requiring insulation system compatibility.

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Property Procedure Performance
Tensile Strength, CoatingASTM-D412 850 psi
Ultimate Elongation, Coating ASTM-D412150% @ 20C
Tear Strength, Coating ASTM-D62460 psi
Flexibility and toughness, Coating UL 1441 Passes (Penetration Test)
Oil and Solvent Resistance MIL-l-3190/3Passes (Good)
Resistance to Acids and Alkalies MIL-l-3190/9Good
Corrosion Resistance Good. Contains no chlorine or other materials contributing to electrolyte formation.
CompatibilityUL 1446 Good. Compatible with  polyester, acrylic, epoxy, phenolic and formvar wire enamels.

Dielectric Strength after 48/23/50:
Grade A NEMA TF-1 7000v min. avg., 5000v min. indiv.
Grade B NEMA TF-1 4000v min. avg., 2500v min. indiv.
Grade C-1 NEMA TF-1 2500v min. avg., 1500v min. indiv.
Grade C-2 NEMA TF-1 1500v min. avg., 800v min. indiv.
Grade C-3 NEMA TF-1 No voltage guarantee
Dielectric Strength after 96/23/96:
Grade ANEMA TF-1 50% of Original Value.
Hydrolytic Stability after 336 hrs. @ 70C over Constant Water RefluxMIL-l-3190/31500v min. avg.
Thermal EnduranceMIL-l-3190/3
UL 1441
Class 155 C (F)
Brittleness TemperatureASTM-D350-25C
Flame Resistance UL 1441Passes (VW-1), Grade C3 only.

ASTM-D350, Method B Passes

NEMA TF-1Passes

MIL-I-3190/3 Method B Passes
Resistance to Potting Temperature MIL-I-3190/3No blisters, flow or cracks visible after 15 min. @225C.


The A397 is more flexible because its not heat treated as long as the 343 Sleeving.
Standard Color: Natural - Color Options are available, contact us for details.

Rod Lengths: 36" Individual Sticks, not a continuous 60FT piece
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