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Vericom Steel Relay Rack Four Post

VERICOM Steel Relay Rack 4 Post

Description of Vericom Steel Relay Rack Four Post

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Vericom Four Post Steel Relay Racks are basically the skeletons of Network Cabinets, acting as a four-edged storage system to support several shelves of components. Made out of corrosion resistant steel, this four post rack can hold up to 660lbs—that’s double what a two post can carry. Designed to hold 47 RMUs, you can store plenty of EIA equipment such as computer servers and networks.

If you already have a Ventilation Cabinet but want to add on more support, the Vericom Four Post Relay Racks can fit inside the steel box. This will also increase the amount of air flow, keeping the performance of computer systems at their peak. Since not all server rooms are built the same, Vericom steel racks have adjustable legs to position them accordingly for room space and personal needs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Available in both threaded and cage hole mounting profiles
  • Can be expanded to a 4 post rack with an expansion pack
  • Includes adjustable feet but can also be floor mounted
  • RMU markings for faster equipment mounting
  • Standard EIA-310-D hole spacing
  • Unrestricted airflow for maximum ventilation
  • Shipped in an economical flat pack container
  • Supports 19-inch EIA Equipment
  • Made from Fully Welded, cold rolled steel
  • Holds up to 660lbs
  • Complies with ANSI/EIA RS-310D, IEC60297-2, DIN41194;Part 1 and DIN41494; Part 7


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