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Wire Loom  Wire Loom

Black Polyethylene Wire Loom / Flex Tube

Wire loom is an effective and inexpensive way to provide order and protection to cables around any home and office. Whether it is under a workstation or integrated in a home theater set-up, this highly flexible conduit can attribute to a sleek, finished appearance by concealing unsightly wires.
from $2.90

Thermo-Flex Heat Shield

A highly durable heat shield against cuts, abrasion, and blazing temperature. Available in black, blue, red, and silver.
from $15.72

Colored Split Wire Loom / Flex Tubing

Flex tubing is an effective and inexpensive way to provide order and protection to cables around any home and office. Whether it is under a workstation or integrated in a home theater set-up, this highly flexible wiring loom can attribute to a sleek, finished appearance by concealing unsightly wires.
from $6.50

Corrugated Flexible Non-Split Polypropylene Wire Loom Conduit

Low cost option and conveniently shipped with a pull box to quickly install protective wire loom conduit.
from $14.50

Flame Retardant Polypropylene Wire Loom

Flame retardant polypropylene flex tubing is the ideal solution for applications that require extreme heat resistance along with protection against impact and abrasion.
from $5.00

Wire Sanity Cable Management Kit

Conveniently tidies up and organizes cables and wires into one location

Bentley-Harris ConvoShield AL Chrome Wire Loom

Bentley-Harris ConvoShield AL has a high heat threshold and chrome color for a sophisticated and smooth look, which provides a pleasing an refined apperarance.
from $8.95

Nylon Split Wire Loom Dispenser Boxes

Clean, fast and convenient, the EZ pull box is the best
from $23.08

Nylon Split Wiring Loom

When you application requires protection against high temperatures and vibration for continuous periods of time, Flexible Nylon Convoluted Wire Loom is the product that will get the job done.
from $9.99

Black Wire Loom (Polyethylene) - Gaylord Boxes

Standard wire loom in bulk Gaylord boxes.
from $772.00

Flame Retardant Black Wire Loom (Polypropylene) - Gaylord Boxes

Flame Retardant Black Wire Loom in bulk Gaylord boxes.
from $954.00

Nylon Black Wire Loom - Gaylord Boxes

Nylon wire loom in bulk Gaylord boxes.
from $1,049.40

Flexi Cable Wrap Cord Organizer - UT Wire

from $9.99

Spiral Wrap

The Spiral Wrap comes pre-packaged and pre-cut for your convenience.
from $9.99

NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap

A cord wrap that protects cable bundles and glows in the dark.
from $67.32

Fire Resistant Anti-Static Spiral Wrap

A cord wrap built to be used underground.
from $109.99

Pro-Tec-To® High Density Spiral Wrap

Heavy Duty Protection for Industrial Hoses and Cables
from $144.00

Universal Wire Loom Tees / T Connectors

The only wire loom "T" connectors that can be cut to fit different size wire loom keeping the installation looking professional.
from $0.99
Plenum | Riser Raceways  Plenum | Riser Raceways

Riser Convoluted Raceway - Coils

Riser rated raceways prevent the dangerous – and potentially fatal - outgassing of fiber optic cabling in the event of a fire.
from $45.00

Carlon Resi-Gard Flexible Raceway

PVC cable conduit for low-voltage installations.
from $179.00

Endocor Corrugated HDPE Outdoor Innerduct with Pull Tape

from $29.99

Plenum Convoluted Raceway - Coils

Plenum rated raceways prevent the dangerous and potentially fatal outgassing of fiber optic cabling in the event of a fire.
from $99.99
Flexible | EMT Conduit  Flexible | EMT Conduit

Cantex Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Conduit Coils

Flexible and economical solutions for cable raceways.
from $9.18

Flexible Steel Conduit

Smooth wiring feeding channel.
from $33.99
Loom Tools  Loom Tools

Yellow Loom Tool - 1/4" - 1"

This Alternate Yellow Wire Loom will help you to protect your cables while sliding them into place.
from $0.99

Orange Loom Tool 3/8" - 2"

It will not only save you time but also make your effort more efficient.
from $3.00

Woven Wrap Around Installation Tool

Stop using your hands and start using this nifty tool.
from $4.95

Wire Loom is a great way to organize your space and manage your cables more efficiently by holding groups of wires together, instead of having multiple tangled wires and cables. Split loom is the ideal way to hide, protect, and route wires and cables, thus preventing safety and trip hazards. Split wire loom is a tube with a split down the side where you can easily enter your cable bundle over a long run; when twisted or bent, the slit remains closed. Having this split allows you to easily add, replace or take out wires later on without having to remove the whole cable or wire bundle.

Split Loom Tubing has become one of the most popular ways of holding groups of wires and cables in position and protecting them against abrasion or crushing because it is the most economical cord and wire organizer.


Cable tubing looms are ideal for applications where spiral wrap and/or expandable braided sleeves may be difficult to install, as well as situations where they do not offer sufficient protection.

Wire Looms are also known by other names such as split loom tubing, cable tubing, wire organizers, wiring looms, split looms, convoluted tubing, cable hiders and flexible conduit just to name a few.

Wire Loom may be made of different materials depending on their intended use and application. Among the most common materials you will find felxible polyurethane, chrome, polyethylene, Kynar, Mylar foil and fiberglass.

We have classified the wire loom by type of use, please take a look below for some aditional information.

General Purpose Tubing: Allows you to organize home and office cords, as well as protect them from abrasion, friction, puncture, vibration and gnawing pets. Most general tubing will protect against heat, sunlight, water, snow, ice, salt, and automotive fluids. You can find standard wire loom in an array of colors and sizes to fit most needs. Typical uses of general wire loom are for covering cables found in audio, video, computer, telephone and vehicle applications.

Some examples of General Purpose Tubing:

1. Non-Split Wire Loom: a lightweight and flexible polyethylene tubing offers great protection for wiring harnesses, cables, tubing and hoses. Non-split loom can withstand temeratures up to 200F, sunlight, water, snow, ice, salt, and automotive fluids.

2. Colored Wire Loom: made from UV protected polyethylene, this tubing is great for color coding as well as protecting wire bundles, cables and hoses. Can handle temperatures up to 200F, sunlight, water, snow, ice, salt and automotive fluids.

3. Corrugated Wire Loom: also known as cable tamer organizers, will help eliminate wire clutter and help organize your cables. Most are highly flexible and shield against abrasion, puncture, vibration and friction.

4. Polyethylene Slit Corrugated Loom Tubing: recommended for indoor use only, use this cost effective tubing to organize and protect wiring around home electronics like entertainment centers and computers. Continuous operating range of -40F to 122F and a melt temperature of 266F, this product can be used in low temperature industrial applications.

5. Polyethylene Solid Corrugated Loom Tubing: offers 360 protection, this loom does not feature a split design, so you must feed your cables through the tubing. The solid design is stronger then the split design and is suitable for continuous use at temperatures ranging between -40F to 176F. Used in a varity of industries from marine to automotive.

High Temperature & Flame Retardand Looms: are mostly made of Nylon, are recommended for use in areas where flame spread is a primary safety consideration, and where that loom will be exposed to elevated temperatures. Flame retardant slit loom is specially maufactured to meet the requirements of the marine and emergency vehicle industries. If offers greater flexibility without twisting, tangling, or separation of the slit. Nylon looms are better than other corrugated tubing for use in automobiles, planes and other confined fields due to its low out gassing, so it doesn't fog windshields.

Some examples of High Temp looms are:

1.Flexible Nylon Convoluted Wire Loom: Manufactured from impact modified, heat stabilized Nylon 6, this loom offers the temperature resistance suitable for automobile engines. Although Nylon Wire Loom is flexible enough to bend around tight curves without the slit opening up, an impact modifier was used to increase its strength. Impervious to continuous 257F temperature rating and can withstand 180,000 miles of driving.

2. Flame Retardant Polypropylene Loom: is a lightweight, flexible and abrasion resistant loom that is easy to install over wires. With temperature resistance qualities superior to those of polyethylene, this loom offers superior protection to high temperatures plus it is self-extinguishing. Flame Retardant Polypropylene loom provides excellent protection for wire harnesses, tubing, hose and cable.

3. Flame Retardant Slit Harness Wrap: is a flexible flame retardant nylon wrap that bundles and protects cables and cords while limiting the bend radius of fiber optic cables. Slit Harness Wrap is mostly used in datacom, telecom, electrical, aircraft and automation industries.

4. Solid Corrugated Loom Tubing: used for indoor applications, this heat treated nylon loom provides continuous high abrasion resistance. Solid corruglated loom offers a temperature tolerance ranging from -40F to 230F. Ideal for use when routing automotive, truck, trailer, RV and marine wiring.

5. Nylon Corrugated Slit Loom: completely bundle and enclose wires to protect them against crusing and abrasion damage. Easy and practical to use, this loom works well in home, office, automotive and avaiation applications. Temperature rating ranging between -40F to 230F.

Specialtiy Looms: refers to all wire loom tubing that is used in special situations. It can provide special thermal protection to be more resistant to heat, protect against fires, abrasion, installations requiring plenum or riser rated materials.

1. ConvoShield: constructed with a Nylon copolymer base and a highly reflective coating that provides thermal protection in radiant heat environments that may reach as high as 1000 degrees F.  ConvoShield works well in protecting wire harnesses in high temperatures, confined environments such as engine compartments.

2. Thermoflex Heat Shield: a composite heat shield made from a combination of aluminum, silica, and stainless steel that provides thermal insulation to wires and hoses. This strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant material can be bent and flexed for almost any application. An important feature is that it can withstand temperatures of up to 750F which makes the Thermoflex ideal for automotive insulation.

3. Thermo Sleeve: combined with high temperature fabric laminated to highly reflective Mylar foil, this enables the Thermo Sleeve to reflect 90% of radiant heat and withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F. Not only does it protect against heat, it's also fireproof and oil resistant. The lightweight and low profile design is a great alternative to bulky rubber coated fiberglass sleeving. Typically used for automotive insulation.

4. Plenum Raceway: a corrugated, non-metallic and produced from PVDF (Kynar) resin, the Plenum raceways are extremely flexible and suitable for use in ducts, plenums or other spaces used for environmental air when used to enclose optical fiber cables marked OFNO or communications cables marked CMP or CMP-OF. This conduit raceway exhibits a maximum peak optical density of 0.5, a maximum average optical density of 0.15, and a maximum flame spread distance of 5 feet when tested in accordance with the Test for Flame Propagation and Smoke-Density Values.

5. Riser Raceway: corrugated, non-metallic and produced from Nylon resin, this loom is suitable for installation in risers when used to enclose optical fiber cables like fiber optic, telecom and datacom. It is recommended for use in installations requiring riser- rated materials. Riser raceways bend radius protection makes it great to use for fiber optics.

6. Non-metallic Flexible Tubing: provides an easier way to distribute cables from a main distribution panel to secondary locations where low voltage wiring may be needed. The factory installed pull tape makes cable installation easier. Non-metallic flexible raceway is recommended to use when easy access to cables is needed during maintenance jobs as well as future expansion. Ideal wire loom for any datacom or telecom application, especially for jobs using fiber optic cabling.

7. Residential Raceways: is an ultra-flexible non-metallic loom system designed for general purpose and residential communication systems such as telephone, satellite, ethernet, internet, video, security, and sound cabling. The raceways allow you to add or change cables without having to tear down the walls, it also protects them from being damaged or snagged as they are pulled through the raceway.

Bulk Purchases: using bulk nylon and polyethylene wire loom are basically using any of the wire looms you need but for larger jobs. Looms can come in different sizes ranging from 1/4" to over 4", as well as different colors are available. This tubing offers the same type of protection as the other tubing, just that buying in bulk allows you to get deeper discounts and longer continuous lengths. If you cannot find the size and length you need, custom orders can be made to accommodate you specific needs(minimum quantities may apply).

Accessories: to help with custom applications, to give that professional look, and to speed up installations, there are a few accessories to make working with wireloom a little my enjoyable.

1. Installation Tools: is the fastest and easiest way to get your cables into and out-of split wire loom, while protecting your fingers from fatigue and abrasion. To use, just wrap the tool around the cords, insert it into the tubing and zip the cables in. Simply gather the wires into the split loom tubing. Run the tool through the tubing and voila, you are done. With the wire loom tool you can add and subtract wires with ease. There are several types of Loom Tools, each with a different style and size, but all typically work the same.

2. Clips and Outlets: are routing accessories needed for any large job because they giveyou the ability to mount tubing or create secure cable break-outs. Ideal for routing split loom and conduit. Rosebud clips provide push mounting and the end clips hold the split loom secure at each end. The outlets are ideal for rerouting one or 2 cables and hold split loom together to avoid the other cables bursting through. Clips and outlets are ideal to use in automotive,industrial and construction applications among others.

3. Wire Loom T-Connectors: these snap-on connectors allow you to easily route cables in the directions needed, while securing odd-angled tubing and wires. It is important to note that the wire loom T size corresponds to inner diameter of wire loom. Perfect for use in automotive, industrial and construction applications.

4. Fittings: offer a secure way to join corrugated loom tubing. They simply latch in place using a locking latch to secure and protect your wires, this reduces operator fatigue during installation. Fittings are made of polypropylene allowing maximum durability and protection.

5. Mounting Brackets: allow flexibility and versatility when working on low voltage wire installations, such as fiber optic or communication cables. There hard shell prevents them from cracking which makes them more durable.

6. Special fittings for Optical Fiber: Made by Kwikpath, these fittings reduce the need for pulling long runs of raceway around awkward twists and turns in tight spaces. They allow you to easily branch of the raceway into different directions without removing the existing cables. Accessories include cutting tools, seal end plugs, y-couplers, riser straps, clamps and spacers.

With flex tubing products you can put an end to tangles cables and wires in a simple and secure way. Because of the versatile nature of wire loom,  and such a wide range of uses from automotive, aviation, computer, electronics, agricultural, marine, telecommunications, construction industries, home and office applications, wire loom is a great cable management system.

If you are looking for braided wire loom, click here!
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