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Ziptape® Rite & Wrap™ Label Dispenser

Description of Ziptape® Rite & Wrap™ Label Dispenser

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End the chaos and start labeling, use Ziptape's Rite & Wrap label around the house, in the office, or in the network room. These little write-on labels are made from vinyl and have a strong acrylic adhesive will stick securely to cable jackets found in dry, oily, and moist environments.

Easy to install, the pre-cut self-laminating labels feed out of the durable dispenser to provide a clear and protected inscription around cables and wires.

*UL 969 Marking Standards.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Adhesion Properties
Adhesion From Expected Range - oz/in
Stainless Steel 65-100
Acrylic 60-95
Glass 60-95
Expected Sheer (hours) 20
Expected Exterior Life 2 yrs
Service Temp. Range -40°F to +176°F
Minimum Application Temp. 50°F
Storage Stability 2 yr stored @ 70°F and 50%RH
UL Listed UL 969

Physical Properties
Thickness / Mil Film: 3.5
Adhesive: 0.8 -0.9
Liner: 3.1
Dimensional Stability (%) <0.5%


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