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Altinex ShareTime HDMI Collaborative Controller

Altinex ShareTime HDMI Collaborative Controller
ShareTime Collaborative Controller  

The ShareTime (ST100-001) collaborative display controller is a revolutionary HDMI pass-through smart adapter that allows cooperative control of multiple inputs on a single monitor. It allows multiple users to connect to one display and work together as they seamlessly switch between multiple sources, allowing for collaborative teamwork.

In a typical application, users would connect a HDMI cable to a monitor input and then connect a ShareTime adapter to the end of the cable. As soon as the ShareTime compact unit is plugged into a HDMI laptop output, a white light flashes to indicate the input number. The LED then turns a solid green and the video is displayed on the TV.

If the monitor is in stand-by mode, the ShareTime will automatically turn it ON and select the proper input to assure that the image is properly displayed. Any number of ShareTime units can be used together to form a collaboration station with a single monitor. The ShareTime constantly monitors its environment. When the last ShareTime is disconnected from the HDMI source, the TV will turn OFF after the configured shutdown time.

The ShareTime can easily be used with any CEC compatible switchers to create a larger multiuser collaborative solution. Its small and compact design allows users to have an easy plug and play experience with instant collaboration.

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