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Cable Protectors & Protective Cord Covers

When it comes to cable protectors, cord covers and cable ramps, we have one of the largest selections to choose from, and with more choices there is a better chance in finding the right cord cover for your application.

Available in a wide range of designs, we carry cord covers made from materials like rubber, pvc, polyurethane, aluminum, stainless steel and more. From small single cord wire covers to large industrial cable ramps, off the shelf or custom products, we will work with you in finding the right cable protector for you.

Whether it's one pesky wire across the floor at home or a nest of cables at the office, here at we offer many simple and affordable cable management solutions to fit an array of applications.

If you have questions regarding any of our products and applications, feel free to contact us at 866-673-9590.

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Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Have a loose cable, or maybe two, either way the Cable Shield is for you! Different sizes availble for use in homes and offices to cover small wire runs, or large size shields for studio's and warehouses with lots of cables.
from $6.40

Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector (Stained)

Same great product, just a little different.
from $7.50

Plastic Cord Covers - Electriduct

Low cost solution to tidy up an area with cords lying on the floor around computer stations, entertainment systems and other electronics found in homes and offices.
from $7.99

Cord Protectors - Wiremold

A great product to help protect loose cables on the floor.
from $10.68

Compact Neoprene Cord Protector & Concealer - UT WIre

from $11.99

Metal Cable Shield Cord Cover - Electriduct

Aluminum Cable Shield Cord Cover - now more durable for inside and outside weather conditions.
from $12.49

Neoprene Cord Protector & Concealer - UT Wire - Urashima Taro

A unique cord protector that makes a great addition to any home and office.
from $12.50

Drop Trak Cable & Hose Protectors

from $15.00

SafCord Carpet Cord Cover

Patented design and durable construction, this reusable carpet cable cover provide a trip free environment.
from $15.00

D-2 RubberDuct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

Our most popular! The D-2 series cord protector is perfect for covering exposed cables in workstations and offices while providing a safe, trip-free environment.
from $17.50

Transparent Safety Cord Cover

Great for aisles, hallways and entryways, our transparent cord covers are the perfect decorative accompaniment to those events or facilities which are looking to have that added “punch”
from $19.99

1500 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

Wiremold steel raceway proves to superior to than plastic cord covers because of its assortment of accessories to help create a custom cable run.
from $21.10

ChordSavers Floor Cord Covers

For that quick, easy to install, pick-up and go cord cover, the ChordSaver™ Cord Cover makes protecting cables a snap!
from $21.99

Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector

Economical and stylish, the Home `n` Office Drop Over is a Light Duty cord protector used in homes and offices to cover up those exposed cords resting on the floor.
from $22.50

Dura Race Carpet Cord Cover

Abrasion Protection for High-Traffic Carpeting with Easy On, Easy Off Hook Closure
from $25.05

2600 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

The 2600 series pancake over floor steel cable protector is the same design and material at the 1500 Series, but a larger size that can accommodate more cables and wires.
from $26.00

Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord - UL Listed

Simply place the open end of the cable cover near the power source, plug it in, run the flat extension cord cover to the equipment that needs power, plug that in, and THAT'S IT!!!
from $27.50

D-22 Rubber Duct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

The D-22 medium size rubber duct is perfect to accommodate more or larger cables that are found in offices and warehouses.
from $28.00

Super Duty Extra Large Plastic Cord Cover

A super-sized cord cover designed to protect large wire and cable bundles whiile preventing tripping accidents.
from $29.99

EZ Runner PVC Drop Over Cable Ramps

  • PVC Material
  • 3 Channel Options
  • 2 Color Choices
from $29.99

SideWinder Cable Protection Systems™

Designed to bend and turn without extra angle pieces this cable protector covers multiple wires of unlimited length.
from $31.50

ChordSavers™ WallSaver™ Wall Cord Protectors

WallSavers™ are a perfect resolution for shielding your cables or cords that are hanging free on the wall. With 6 colors to choose from, these cord protectors can blend in just about any background.
from $32.09

D-1 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

The D-1 series is a single channel cord cover that is perfect for home/office applications with only one small wire to protect.
from $35.00

4" Polypropylene Plastic Portable Curb Ramps - Electriduct

from $35.00

Electrical Power Extensions - Power Cord Covers

Solution for indoor needs designed to be safe and emsure good protection.
from $35.06

Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector

Available in 3 different sizes to fit your needs, the Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector will guard your stangnant cables from abuse found in any indoor or warehouse environment.
from $36.00

D-3 Rubber Duct™ Wire Cover - Electriduct

This 2 channel cord cover is specially made by Electriduct to protect small guage wires/cords in any home or office.
from $39.50

Drop Over Lite Cable Cover

Ideal for office or warehouse use, the Drop Over Lite™ is a durable, length adjustable cord protector that brings neatness and safety to any room.
from $39.99

EZ Rubber Cable Protectors

from $39.99

5 Ton Rubber Curb Ramp - 4" Height - Electriduct

from $42.99

FastLane Drop Over Cable Protector

For a fast solution to covering exposed cables, the FastLane™ Drop Over Cable Protector is excellent for indoor use.
from $43.81

D-100 Rubber Duct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The D-100 series medium size rubber cable protector is a must for those high traffic office and warehouse areas that require protection for many or large cables.
from $44.75

Reflective Rubber Curb Ramp - Electriduct

from $49.99

Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors - RPS

from $59.99

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover is the largest of all the ChordSavers and helps combine order and safety to valuable equipment.
from $62.50

Curb Ramps and Dockplates - Eagle Manufacturing

Designed with safety these Curb Ramps and Dockplates provide highly efficient way to manually transport heavy loads both up and down a raised surface
from $65.87

The Goliath Drop Over Cable Protector

from $69.99

Extreme Rubber Drop Over Cable Ramp

A 3 channel drop over rubber cable protector that can support vehicle traffic and costs a lot less than its polyurethane counterparts.
from $69.99

Electriduct Medium Size Cable Cover

Made from rubber, the Electriduct® Medium Size Cable Cover is flexible enough to contour to any floor, provides superior grip for foot traffic and can handle the harsh elements of outdoor environments.
from $69.99
from $49.99

D-200 RubberDuct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The heavy duty D-200 rubber cable protector is one of our more popular models because of its four channels (two large center channels and two smaller outside channels) and low-profile design, making it versatile in being an indoor/outdoor cable protector.
from $72.50

Eagle Speed Bumps

Molded from durable polyethylene, Eagle's parking lot speed bumps are a cost effective solution for traffic safety and control.
from $73.18

Defender Compact Wire Cover

The Defender Compact is a revolutionary cable protector notably known for it’s extremely low profile.
from $74.50

MegaDuct Cord and Hose Cover and Bumper

Designed to protect larger cables, such as power cables and cords, from light industrial vehicles and/or heavy foot traffic.
from $75.40

The Falcon Polyurethane Cable Protector - RPS

Keep your cables tightly held out of harms way with this cable ramp.
from $77.50

D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

To offer protection for large cables or hoses, the D-300 is designed to withstand warehouse/outdoor abuse and heavy traffic.
from $85.00

Rubber Threshold Ramp - Electriduct

from $94.99

The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

The DO-MAX "Drop and Go" with maximum protection.
from $95.00
from $79.99

The HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A 3 channel, Heavy Duty Cable Protector at an economical price!
from $99.00

Cable Guard Protectors

Construction and utility industries use very expensive electrical hoses and cables. Protection is a must, from the heavy machinery to the adverse weather conditions. In the entertainment industry, the power and telecommunications cables always need protection from local automobile traffic. Cable Guards is the resolution for safety.
from $109.00

CR900 Rubber Cable Protector - RPS

Ideal solution for cables and wires protection. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage.
from $115.00

The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A heavy duty cable protector that glows in the dark!
from $119.99

Do-Max 2 Drop Over Cable Protector

Light and Strong, the Heavy Duty Bumble Bee Cable Protector makes carrying/transporting cable protectors a pleasure to those outdoor job sites!
from $122.12

Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protectors

Provide an easy and safe way to organize and protect valuable cables from pedestrians and vehicles.
from $123.38

The FOX 3" Single Slot Cable Protector

3" Model On Sale!
Lowest Price Ever!

Made from polyurethane, this modern style cable protector comes in four different sizes to provide superior protection for many applications.
from $125.00

Furrion Portable Cable Ramp

Furrion's new Portable Cable Ramp System designed for the demands of marine, recreational, and industrial uses.
from $125.00

Bumble Bee Low Profile Cable Protectors

Built like the heavy duty cable protectors, except in a low-profile design!
from $127.38

Grip Guard Cable Protectors

The lightest polyurethane cable ramps in the world.
from $129.99

Guard Dog 3 Channel Drop Over Cable Protectors w/ Dog-Bone Connectors

Protect industrial cords, electrical cables, hoses or pipes with this heavy duty, 21,000 lbs of load protection drop over.
from $134.87

Bumble Bee Cable Protector

In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Bumble Bee Cable Protector is ideal when there is light vehicular traffic. With a load capacity of 25,000 lbs ‘per axle’ , there is still plenty of protection for cables, hoses, and wires from getting damaged from constant truck/vehicular traffic!!
from $139.99

5 Channel Polyurethane Cable Protector - Titan

from $149.99

GUARD DOG Cable Protectors

Whether it's foot traffic, small carts, or vehicular traffic, the Guard Dog Cord Cover will get the job done right! And that is to basically protect your equipment, prevent people from tripping and more importantly, keep your operation running smoothly.
from $155.00

Defender MIDI Cable Ramps

Contains 5 cable ducts and a hinged lid to easily organize your cables
from $159.99

General Purpose LINEBACKER 5 Channel Cable Protector

Perfect solution where Cable Protection is required against pedestrian & vehicular traffic.Lightweight, easy to install, easy to transport because of the built in carrying handle but is extremely durable.
from $164.99

Linebacker Single Channel Cable Protector

The Linebacker® Single Channel Cable Protector, available in Black or Orange, provides protection for cables and hoses that lay in front of vehicular traffic by giving vehicles a platform in which to drive over without harming cables/hoses.
from $165.00

GUARD DOG Low Profile ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

Ultra low and ultra sleek, you wont even know it's under your feet!
from $177.60

Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors

In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Yellow Jacket Cable Protector is perfect when there is going to be heavy vehicular traffic.
from $195.00

FireFly® LED Illuminated Cable Protector

Light up the night with LED technology
from $199.00

Yellow Jacket Advanced Modular System Cable Protectors

Strong enough to withstand forklift and vehicular traffic, coupled with an extremely adaptable design make the Yellow Jacket the perfect choice to cover cords or wires for your warehouse or workplace!
from $230.85

Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protectors

This is the "top of the line" in polyurethane Cable Protection systems.
from $245.00

Cross-Guard ADA Compliant Access Ramp & Rail

This lightweight, 36 wide modular ADA compliant ramps and rails are slip resistant and work in conjunction with the Linebacker HD-5 to provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, carts and other vehicles with small wheels.
from $265.00

Bumble Bee GM - General Manufacturing - Cable Protector

The Bumble Bee® GM was principally designed to protect cables running across the floor in robotic cells, in which traffic is limited to foot traffic.
from $289.00

4 Channel General Manufacturing Linebacker Cable Protector

from $349.00

Diamondback Single Tunnel Hose Bridge Systems

from $595.00

WIDE Yellow Jacket Cable Protector 3 Channel

WIDE Yellow Jacket Cable Protector 3-Channel
from $618.95

Xtreme Guard Heavy Duty Cable Protectors - Load Bearing of 30 to 40 Tons - Elasco

The strongest cable protector that we know of.
from $928.00

Uses & Applications of Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are a simple and effective cable management and protection solution that can be used at home, in the office or on most job sites. Cable covers allow you to protect your valuable cables, hoses and wires, reduce tripping hazards, while keeping floor cables neatly concealed. Regardless of the type of installation you need, the traffic volume, or the budget you have, cable protectors are a great option to guard your cables and wires.

Channel sizes and number of channels may vary from one type of cord protector to another. Depending on the model, styles, and manufacture, cable protectors may be available in one-piece or modular interlocking design. The interlocking modular cord covers may have different types of connectors, allowing you to create grids as well as straight lines.

Since not all cord protectors are the same, and material make-up varies between brand and model, some cable covers may be UV, flame, and abrasion resistant, as well as weather proof, so choosing the right one for the job is essential to provide the right protection in the right environment. Among the most common materials you will find rubber, vulcanized rubber, high impact PVC, neoprene, polyurethane, cordura nylon, vinyl-coated fabric and steel.

There are many manufacturers of cord protectors. Among the main brand names you can find on the market today are Yellow Jacket, FireFly, SafCord, Wiremold, Electriduct, Geist, Elasco, Flexiduct, CordSavers, and Checkers.

Cable covers can be classified in different ways, they can be divided by type of traffic or by use. Following you can learn about cable covers based on these two ways of grouping them.

Type of Traffic Handled:

I. Light Duty: These covers should only be used when cables and wires are being protected from foot traffic. Generally these covers are more budget friendly, lightweight, and flexible and may come in several colors.

Examples of Light Capacity protectors are:

1. Rubber Ducts: Low cost, easy to install system perfect for covering exposed wires, power cords, and CAT5 cables in workstations and offices as well as at home while providing a safe, trip-free environment. Rubber cord covers are available in different grades, lengths, and colors.

2. Plastic Floor Cord Cover: Ideal way to keep from tripping on loose cables. The rounded surface helps when moving carts over wires, while their trim design makes them inconspicuous. Cord Protectors are very easy to install since there is an open slit on the bottom of the plastic strip the easily opens up for cord insertion. Cord Covers are available in 5 different lengths as well as in several colors.

3. Wiremold Plastic Cord Protector: Covers, hides and protects cords and cables while keeping floors clear and safe. Plastic cord protectors lay flat on the floor and are easy to install. They are available in different lengths and colors.

4. DO-Lite Cable Protector: Is a versatile Polyurethane solution for protecting cables and cords from pedestrian traffic that is found in home, office, garage, warehouse, and retail stores. With its T-bone connectors, you are assured that the cables are covered as long as you need, plus their diamond raised texture gives these cord ramps maximum traction.

5. Defender Compact: an indoor cord cover with 7 channels that efficiently protects and covers your cables with its polyurethane molded supports. The rubber-like surface provides traction to prevent slipping and tripping hazards. This cord cover has a load capacity of 400 lbs.

II. Medium Duty: These cable covers should only be used when cables, hoses and wires are being protected from foot and light vehicle traffic such as small cars and concession carts. Ideal situation to use are for large telecom/datacom cable protection.

Examples of Medium Duty cable protectors are:

1. MegaDuct Cord and Hose Cover: With its heavy duty PVC construction, the MegaDuct hose protector is ideal to use for protection of large power cords, hoses and cables. It is available in black or safety yellow in 3 or 5 foot sections.

2. Linebacker GP1 Protector: is a general purpose 1 channel system made of UV stabilized polyurethane that is ideal for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in public, commercial, and industrial applications. The single channel systems allows you to protect valuable electrical cables and hose lines from vehicle and foot traffic, and is mainly used for temporary re-routing. Among its benefits are the 5 bar thread pattern for maximum traction, offers an operating temperature of -40 F to 120 F, able to connect ADA ramps, and has a maximum load per axle of 21,000 lbs.

3. Furrion Portable Cable Ramp: the perfect cable protector to carry on the road or water because it is lightweight with an industrial strength resistance and it has a carrying case for added portability. These portable cable ramps can be used both for permanent and traveler cable and hose protection. The features of this product are unmatched with an adjustable channel size, interconnecting system, and the ability to break down into an easy to carry case.

4. Fox Single Channel Cable Protector: is a UV stabilized polyurethane protector perfect for use during fairs, expos and concerts because it offers a top loading design with a load capacity of 20,150 lbs per axel. Other benefits include, low profile and threaded surface to prevent tripping hazards, weather resistance, easy set-up and storage. Operating temperature of -40 F to +120 F.

III. Heavy Duty: Cable Protectors in this class are meant for high traffic applications including heavy vehicular traffic. Uses include construction sites, outdoor work environments, movie industry and mining industry, the heavy duty protectors have a high abrasion resistance and some can hold upwards of 36,000 lbs/tire (72,000 lbs/axle). Heavy duty cable protectors work well in  areas where large cables must pass across work sites to transport electricity, and electronic data. In these situations, continual foot or vehicle traffic may disrupt or permanently damage the cables. Heavy Duty cord ramps will prevent this damage from occurring.

Examples of Heavy Duty protectors are:

1. Yellow Jacket AMS: stands for advanced modular system (AMS) cord protector that can change and grow according to you needs creating a customized protection for an unlimited number of cables. It is ideal for areas with limited floor space, as well as areas where there are forklifts, small vehicles and heavy foot traffic.

2. Modular Hose Bridge System: a polyurethane system allows you to protect valuable hose lines while ensuring safe passage for vehicles. Its construction makes it abrasion, impact and weather resistant.

3. Guard Dog Cable Protector: find this protector at trade shows, fairs, and large public events doing its job, with a maximum load capacity of 21,000 lbs per axle, the Guard Dog is perfect for safeguarding your cables. Features found on this cord protector can start with the 5-bar thread pattern surface, stay-open lid for fast cable installation and removal, and ADA attachable ramps for wheelchair friendly use.

4. The Hawk Cable Protector: This 3-channel cord protector is one of the most economical options on the market today for heavy duty cable protection from heavy foot to large vehicular traffic. With its molded polyurethane construction, this cord cover is tough enough to withstand almost anything, from tractor trailers to forklifts. Other product features are a low profile design, fiberglass hinge that won't rust in moist conditions and interlocking ends for specific runs. The Nite Hawk Cable Protector features a glow-in-the-dark lid for night-time applications such as: concerts, road-work, construction areas, parades and nightclubs.

Classified by Use:

I. Standard: these are the basic cord protectors, generally used in a permanent situation where you install and leave them permanently or almost permanently. Standard protectors are usually used in offices, schools, and homes. In most cases, these covers can be printed to match your decor.

Examples of Standard cord covers:

1. Cable Shield Covers: made of tough, high impact PVC plastic to protect delicate and valuable cables from being crushed, damaged by abrasion, or strained from being tripped over or snagged. These cable covers offer more protection than other light duty covers and can be used in almost any indoor application. While their 2-piece design separates easily for cable installations, and locks securely in place, their pre-applied adhesive backing allow fast and simple installation in heavy trafficked areas. With a designer finish, Cable Shields can blend or be painted to complement a wide range decor.

2. ChordSavers Cord Covers: is an exclusive solution for protection of all your cords and cables, and they elimate the need to use expensive tapes. With a hard PVC body, Chord Savers provide excellent protection against foot traffic with their easy two-piece snap-together, an interlocking design, and dual silicone rubber strips help reduce slippage on most floor surfaces. Choose between an array of inserts to blend seamlessly with wood, tile, and other colored flooring.

3. Club Saver Cord Protectors: Designed to hold a large amount of cables, it provides protection for any type of foot and cart traffic. The wide body design, non-slip backing, and removable PVC cover, the Club Saver floor cord cover is the ideal cord protector for use in recording studios, night clubs, and live music venues where audio cables need to be kept safe, but accessible.

4. Neoprene Cord Protectors: are quick and easy solutions for protecting small wires. With its neoprene rubber make-up, this product will not ripple like plastic cord covers, and with the supplied double-sides adhesive tape, this cord cover will lay perfectly flat on virtually any surface, even carpet!

II. Dropovers: these style covers are used in situations where you may be required to cover some cords for a while, but later there is no need. The design covers 180 and as its style name implies, you just drop the protector over any existing cable runs and that's it. Most Drop overs have built-in connecting T's for those long cable set-ups and are made from a variety of materials like, polyurethane, rubber, and plastic.

1. Fastlane Dropover: made from durable polyurethane, this cable management floor cable ramp solution works well in garages, warehouses, and convention centers where constant pedestrian traffic is present.

2. Cable Guard Dropover: the sturdy urethane construction and the interlocking feature will protect your cables and wires over any length needed. This Dropover is a great temporary solution to loose cables running along floors in offices, schools, malls, and labs.

3. Bumble Bee Drop Over Cable Protector: is a general purpose 2 channel system ideal for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in public, commercial, and industrial applications such as temporary re-routing of cables and hose lines. Constructed out of UV stabilized polyurethane, and has a load test of 10,500 lbs per tire, the two extra wide channels to accommodate large or multiple cables will surely protect your fragile cables. Operating temperature of -40 to 120F.

III. Flat Covers: a great solution for quickly and efficiently organizing your cables. Flat covers allow you to fasten loose floor cords mostly with a hook-and-loop edging, and are for the most part self-adhesive.

Examples of Flat Covers are:

1. SafCord Cord Covers: The industrial grade durable cordura nylon fabric cord protector provides a washable solution to securing electrical and data cables to carpet. This innovative cord cover uses filament hooks instead of adhesives which allow you to fasten the cords in place while no residue is left when removed so there is no damage to your carpet. The tough and high quality design of SafCord allows you to cut it to any length without unraveling, while the low profile design prevents tripping hazards. SafCord's flexible design allows you to use it on stairs or curved surfaces making it ideal for hallways, stairs, doorways, as well as office workspaces.

2. Dura Race Cord Covers: are textile floor sleeves made from strong and abrasion resistant UV resistant ballistic Nylon fibers, with an industrial-strength hook closure system for adhering to most industrial and high-traffic carpeting, which make this cord cover the perfect solution for hiding and protecting cables exposed on carpeted areas. While Dura Race sleeves have a low-profile design that keeps all cables and wires close to the floor helping prevent injuries or damage to equipment; they are flexible enough to be used on stairs or around corners.

Tunnel Tape: Designed to be used on the floor, this tape has adhesive only on the outer zone edge to create a tunnel to protect cords, cables, and wires from the adhesive material, it can be lifted and repositioned several times, and leaves no adhesive residue. Tunnel Tape is hand-tear able and puncture resistant. It is perfect for taping down wires and cables in convention centers, auditoriums, and TV studios.

4. Cable Path This vinyl-coated fabric tape is a great solution to quickly and efficiently organize your cables while offering superior durability and strength. With its high performance, cured rubber adhesive at both edges and a center with no adhesive, the cable path tape allows you to easily and securely accommodate and pull through your cables and wires as needed. An added benefit is that the gaffers tape makes it easy to reposition your cables without leaving any sticky residue. The Cable Path is used in the entertainment industry, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, stores and theaters for temporary set-ups.

IV. Specialty Cable Protectors: Refers to those cable covers that offer a unique cable protection features.

Examples of Specialty Ramps:

1. FireFly LED Cable Protector: the first battery powered LED cable ramp that provides maximum visibility during the day and night. Illuminate hallways, warehouses, parades, or anywhere you need cable protection and have to notify on-coming traffic that a possible tripping hazard lies ahead.

2. Crossover Cable Protectors: which are custom-built, single-piece cable protectors. These Crossover cable covers were originally made for impact, high performance needs of the mining industry. Crossover covers provide protection for very large cables, hoses, and above-ground pipes.

V. ADA Compliant Ramps: are specially designed cable protectors that compy with ADA regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act, a document which outlines standards for handicap accessibility and other guidelines that often pertain to the safety of various cord covers, drop-over cable channels and ramps). No tools are necessary to install these speciality covers. The gentle slope and slip resistant ramps provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, carts and vehicles with small wheels such as strollers.

Examples of ADA Ramps are:

1. Linebacker ADA Compliant Ramps: Lightweight and modular, these ADA compliant ramps offer a gentle slope for safe crossing. These ramps are compatible with Linebacker Heavy Duty 2, 3, 4 & 5 channel cable protectors, Linebacker GP1 & 5, and Guard Dog cable ramps.

2. Yellow Jacket WASP AMS: a highly stable system that hooks together using Hipersnap and eliminates the need for side rails. This innovative ramp system allows for expansion allowing you to have extra wide ramps. Among its features are the slip resistant surface; a 4.8 degree slope for carts,, dollies, and wheelchairs; and strong construction to handle constant forklift traffic. Use Yellow Jacket Classic and Yellow Jacket AMS in conjunction with the WASP systems.

Cord protectors are so versatile that you can use them in almost any indoor and outdoor situation. Cable covers are great for home, office, industrial, automotive, school and entertainment uses. The use of cord protectors is almost unlimited, you just have to make sure you pick the right product for your needs. If you need detailed information on a certain style cable protector, check out the specific product pages on our site.

At we carry a large variety of cable protection products ranging in sizes, colors, channels, materials, and designs (Electriduct®, Linebacker, Yellow Jacket, Furrion and more!) to accommodate your wire/cable protection scenarios in any environment. With so many choices and an endless amount of applications, it will be easy for you to find the perfect Cable Protector that provides the organization, safety and protection you require.

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