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RubberForm MLSB Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps

RubberForm MLSB Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps
4" MLSB Speed Bump connected together (Part: SB-RF-MLSB4-YLW)  

These MLSB Series Speed Bumps are unique in design that enables them to stay in place without the use of spikes, lag bolts, and/or adhesives.

They are the only speed bumps available on the market that can be used as a free-standing or permanent device to slow down vehicle speeds.

Each speed bump is manufactured with solid, masticated recycled rubber to withstand extreme temperatures, constant U.V. light, extreme weather conditions, and of course, high traffic volume.

For permanent or semi-permanent installation, there are several hardware options available that allow you to install our speed bumps on any asphalt, concrete, dirt or gravel surface.

  • 100% Fiber-reinforced Masticated Recycled Rubber
  • Dovetail interconnecting design allows for unlimited connectivity
  • High-visibility reflectors or reflective yellow safety strips on speed bumps
  • Made in the USA with 100% masticated recycled rubber
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