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Triplett Power Panel Advanced PoE Tester

Triplett Power Panel Advanced PoE Tester
Power Panel PoE Tester (Part: TL-BB-POE1000IL)  

CAT5/6 cables are jammed with data, phone, security cameras… and now 48 volts of power (‘Power over Ethernet’)… now you can spot these devices and use interactive buttons to exercise both switches and power.

“The Power Panel (part: TL-BB-POE1000IL) lets you know what’s there before you plug in…”

  • Voltage/Activity on these pairs
  • Device type (PoE/Switch/NIC)
  • Phone connected (DSL Model, AVAIL)
  • Voltage Level (POTS and PoE)
  • LED(s) light when device present
  • Force a LAN device to speak
  • Simulate a PoE device*

*Compatible with IEEE and Cisco standards.

The Tone Star model (Power Panel + Tone Probe) includes a full featured, filtered probe for tracing tones (wire location). The probe offers an ultra- bright LED lighted tip, filtering to block fluorescent hum, volume control, 2 status LEDs, adapters for alarm wire, RJ11,RJ45 and coax connectors.

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Part #: Price: $
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