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UT Wire Cable Slinky Spiral Wrap

UT Wire Cable Slinky Spiral Wrap
Cable Slinky Spiral Wrap in use.  

Designed using a lightweight and flexible foam so it can be easily wrapped around cables unlike the traditional hard plastic, this stretchable design allows bundles to freely move around which makes it a sit to stand desk friendly cable management product.

A must for those behind the computer or home entertainment center cord mess: a quick fix to keep all cords organized.

  • Soft, flexible & stretchable - super lightweight & flexi-foam material is made for easy wrapping and maneuvering.
  • Spiral cut - easy to breakout and redirect wires from the bundle.
  • Sit-to-stand friendly - the stretchy nature is perfect for standing desks. This cable wrap is easy to move around while you adjust your desk top up and down.
  • Fire retardant - made from a fire retardant material that protects the cables while keeping a safe workplace.
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