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Electriduct is your one-stop website for all of your cable management needs. It doesn't matter whether you are a licensed electrical contractor or end user with a home electrical project, Electriduct carries all of the cable protectors, cable covers, heat shrink tubing and more, to make sure you get the job done right. All of Electriduct's products have passed the highest levels of quality control, so you know that you're getting the best possible solution for your cable management needs. Electriduct products ensure that your cable systems don't get damaged by abrasion, crushing or other exposure problems. From heavy duty cable protectors that can help avoid slip-and-fall accidents, to surface and corner raceways that are designed to blend into your room decor.

We also carry a wide range of heat shrink tubing, so you can not only avoid unruly clusters of important cables, but you can color code your cable bundles, for easy maintenance and repair. Our cable shields and cord covers are available in a deep range of colors, including terracotta and wood grains, so your home or office doesn't have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to get the functionality you require. Electriduct also carries the specialized tools you need, from multimeters and load testers to precision hole cutters. Setting up a computer network? Electriduct carries all of your networking needs, from hardwired and wireless routers, modems, adapters, cables and more.

Since 1955, Electriduct has been synonymous with quality and affordability in electrical supplies. Electriduct designs, manufactures and distributes virtually all types of wire management products, such as rubber duct cord covers, plastic cable covers, polyurethane cable protectors, flat power extension cords, and drop-over cord protectors. When wiring and cables are part of the job, Electriduct is the answer, from wire looms to raceways, EMT conduits and more.

Use our handy product search tool at the top of every page to find exactly what you're looking for, and if you have any questions, call 866-673-9590 to speak with a trained cable management professional. Electriduct wants to take the hassles out of your electrical work, with the parts and service that have made us the industry leader for over 50 years. Why would you trust anyone else?
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