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#585 Eco Stance Floor Mat - NoTrax

#585 Eco Stance Floor Mat - NoTrax
#585 Eco Stance Floor Mat - NoTrax  

Working in wet application environments can result in slip and fall accidents if not properly covered. Our suggestion is to use the 585 Eco Stance Floor Mat by NoTrax which is an anti-fatigue floor mat that prevents slips and falls while allowing workers to work standing for longer periods of time.

The 585 Eco Stance Floor Mat is made from 100% Nitrile rubber material that is lightweight and highly resistant to chemicals, cutting fluids, oils, and greases. With a thickness of implemented into the design of this floor padding, increased foot traction and proper blood circulation is reached for lower muscle fatigue and back pains which will aid in work performance increase.

Molded pins on the raised bubbles hold the sorbent pad in place to absorb liquids that can potentially cause slip and fall accidents. Tripping when boarding onto safety mat is minimized as the borders are beveled.

Only one dimension is available for this floor covering.

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