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Andersen Super Scrape Logo Welcome Mats Collection

Andersen Super Scrape Impressions Welcome Message Mat

Description of Andersen Super Scrape Logo Welcome Mats Collection

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The Andersen Company has many different mats for all sorts of situations. Among their choices, the Super Scrape Entrance Mats collection has a number of styles and variations for different applications. All floor matting is made of 100% nitrile rubber, making them slip-resistant and safe. Plus, all Superscrape padding is environmentally friendly and its construction consists of recycled material.

Impressions message mats have no set-up charge and provide a limitless choice of color options, as well as 25 vibrant colors to really make it pop! Andersen impressions floor matting is impervious to sunlight, and resistant to oils and chemicals. Designed to be tough, these sign pads scrape away at tough dirt and grime; Super Scrape Impressions Message Mats are great for indoor and outdoor use, especially in high-traffic areas.

Andersen molded welcome matting comes in two variations, printed with a horizontal or vertical message. There is a one-time set-up fee for these bi-level constructed mats. Designed to trap dirt, grit, and moisture, this welcome padding is best suited for entrances. Super Scrape Signature Logo matting is made of nitrile rubber, and display a digitally printed logo that is molded into the padding. The digital image is thermo-plastic, making it malleable in heated conditions and solid again once it cools. Anti-static and easy to clean with a vacuum, it doesn’t get simpler than Andersen Superscrape signature logo mats.

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Features and Benefits

  • Super Scrape Impressions:

    No set-up charge
  • 100% Nitrile rubber logo mat
  • Images are permanently molded into the mat
  • Slip resistant-surface
  • Molded tread-surface face cleats effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off footwear
  • Heavy weight keeps mat in place
  • Welding Safe
  • Sizes:
    2 1/12 ft x 3ft
    3ft x 5ft
    3ft 10ft
    4ft x 6ft
  • Unlimited color options
  • Multiple sizes and lengths up to 60ft long (inquire via email)
  • Super Scrape Molded Sculptures:
  • Bi-level constructions traps dirt, grit, and moisture
  • 100% Nitrile rubber logo mat
  • One time set-up fee
  • Sizes:
    3ft x 5ft
    4ft x 6ft
    2.5ft x 3ft (Vertical Only)
  • Super Scrape Signature Logo mats:
  • Digitally Printed, thermo-plastic material for logo
  • 100% Nitrile rubber logo mat
  • Anti-static and easy to clean
  • Sign message is placed in the lower right corner of mat in a horizontal or vertical direction
  • Message Size: 7" x 13.5"
  • All have the following certifications and guarantees:
  • NFSI Certified
  • Green Building Council USGBC Member
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

More Info

Super Scrape Impressions Message Mats

Rubber Type100% Nitrile Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
Nub DesignOblong
TestingPasses Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70

UV Stable

Static Decay Test Method 4046 Federal Standard 101B/NFPA 99 Chapter 12 Section (f) (3) (i) Maximum Time Recorded: 01 seconds.

Anti-Static: ANSI/ESD 57-1 1994 Protection of Electrostatic Discharge of Susceptible Items
Flooring Materials:
Surface to Ground- 2.9 x 10^8 ohms @ 50% Relative Humidity Surface to Ground- 3.0 x 10^8 ohms @ 12% Relative Humidity
Surface to Surface- 6.4 x 10^8 ohms @ 50% Relative Humidity Surface to Surface- 6.7 x 10^8 ohms @ 12% Relative Humidity

Part#Size (in ft)Size Approx InchesShipping in lbs
FM-AND-3557-353x534 x 54.513
FM-AND-3557-464x645 x 67.521
FM-AND-3557-3103x1034 x 11127

Can have the following messages:

Time for Safety
Keep it clean
Stop accidents
Stop, Look, Listen
Short cuts deep cuts
Spills cause accidents

Super Scrape Molded Mats

Part#Size (in ft)Size Approx InchesShipping in lbs
FM-AND-2554-35V3x5 - Vertical35 x 5823
FM-AND-2554-353x5 - Horizontal35 x 5823
FM-AND-2554-46V4x6 - Vertical47 x 7036

Super Scrape Signature Logo Mats

Available Sizes and Artwork Design Dimensions
Finished Mat Size3ft x 5ft and 4dt x 6ft
Max Design Dimensions7.5" x 13"

Part#Size (in ft)Maximum Logo Design Dimension
FM-AND-3669-353x5 (34" x 54.5")7" x 13.5"
FM-AND-3669-464x6 (45" x 67.5")7" x 13.5"

Note: Pricing for Logo Mat products is based on individual design number. Different design numbers may not be combined for quantity discounts.


Lead time is 3-5 business days
This product is custom and requires a logo submitted and color option to create mat.
Call for details 866-673-9590

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