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Chrome Cable Ties

Description of Chrome Cable Ties

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All equipment has cables or wires that must connect to other devices in order to function. These wires and cables can become torn or crippled if not protected from other surrounding elements. Using cable ties to bundle and secure your wires and cables will ensure that your equipment continues to function properly for a very long time.

Chrome Cable Ties are manufactured from nylon and a chrome finish is powder coated to give it a genuine chrome look. These cable ties are strong yet flexible enough to take shape of the objects being clustered together for a tight bond. By making the edges on these cable tie wraps round, your wiring and cabling applications are safe from suffering any cuts. The self-locking mechanism makes these chrome cable straps tamper proof and quick to install.

These Chrome Cable Ties are excellent for bundling or securing wires or cables on chromed motorcycle handle bars and other high performance chromed objects.

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Features and Benefits

  • Withstands heat and abrasion
  • Lightweight flexible design
  • High Quality Chrome Look
  • Great for use on custom chromed applications


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