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V-Max Compression/Crimping Tool for RCA, BNC

V-Max Compression/Crimping Tool for RCA, BNC
Compression/Crimping Tool  

A good tool can make all the difference when installing cable or satellite television, especially if it works with multiple connectors. You should take a look at the V-Max Compression/Crimping Tool that manages a diverse array of video and sound devices. Red grips cover the angled handles to give you a firm hold and make operation easier. Interchangeable pieces also give you the ability to switch things up while you work, never missing a beat.

This compression-crimper works with F, BNC, RCA/RG-58, RG59, and RG-6 type connectors. That’s everything from personal home television to police radio and two-way communication systems. You can compress a connector to give it a tight, secure fit and then crimp it to terminate the connection. Setting up television and radios for home and professional use has never been such a snap with the compression/crimping tool.

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