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EZ-E Punchdown Tool

EZ-E Punchdown Tool
EZ-E Punchdown Tool  

From Platinum Tool comes a whole new type of Punch down device. The EZ-E mixes light and sound to give you a signal when you’ve correctly placed a wire. Grab the ergonomic, comfortable grip, press down, and an audible and visual confirmation will turn on to confirm a perfect termination every time. There is no longer a need to do guess-work, your wires have been placed correctly and the right force has been applied without damaging any circuitry. This is all due to an integrated electronics systems embedded into the EZ-E Punchdown, powered by a 9V battery (included).

If that’s not making the job easier, the EZ-E features an easy-to-read thumb wheel for adjusting the impact required to perform a successful punch-down. With settings of “High (H)” (38 lbs), “Medium (M)” (26 lbs) and “Light (L)” (19 lbs) all you need to do is turn the wheel counter-clockwise to increase the necessary pressure and turn clockwise to decrease it. This determines the degree of force needed to terminate the wires properly and make a connection between the contacts and conductor. It’s all in the name, EZ-E Punchdown Tool.

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