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GUARD DOG Low Profile ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

Black/Black Guard Dog 1 Channel Low Profile ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

Description of GUARD DOG Low Profile ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

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Perfect for valuable electrical and delicate multi-media cables, the GUARD DOG Low Profile cable protector is the lowest, top-loading, multi-channel cable protector on the market!

Made from durable Polyurethane, this ADA compliant cable protector has a load capacity of 23,000 to 34,000 (depending on model) lbs. per tire. It also features a Hinged lid with molded safety warning symbols for easy cable installation and notification of electric wires at the drop of a finger. The "Dog Bone" connectors enables the GUARD DOG® cable protector to extend to any desired length.

With a height of 1.25 inches, the GUARD DOG® ADA Compliant Low Profile protector satisfies state and federal regulatory agencies and has ADA Compliant ramps which provide safe crossing of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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Load Capacity:
GD1X75 = 46,000 lb/axle
GD2X75 = 46,000 lb/axle
GD3X75 = 54,000 lb/axle
GD5X75 = 68,000 lb/axle

US HTS / Schedule B# 3926.90.9995

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Features and Benefits

  • Cable protection with ADA Compliant ramps.
  • Heavy duty "Dog Bone" connectors.
  • Hinged lid for easy cable placement.
  • Polyurethane construction.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • 5-Bar tread plate surface for maximum traction.
  • Safety warning symbols molded into lid.
  • Modular interlocking design is easy to set-up, breakdown and store.
  • Universal safety colors for high visibility.


GD3X75-O/B 7/9/2014
Reviewed by: Calvin Hunt from Blanding, UT.
This product serves our need very well. Quality is great. We may find need for additional units.


More Info

Additional Specifications

Material Polyurethane (UV stabilized)
Operating Temperature -40 to 120F (-40 to 48C)
Hinge Pin Material Reinforced Fiberglass
Safety Symbols Per ANSI Z535.3-1991

Load Capacity
Max Load at 70 F (21C)
Model Tire / Axle
23,000 lbs / 46,000 lbs
23,000 lbs / 46,000 lbs
27,000 lbs / 54,000 lbs
34,000 lbs / 68,000 lbs


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