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VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lock Box - Middle Atlantic

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Description of VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lock Box - Middle Atlantic

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Designed to protect your security surveillance equipment, the VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lock Boxes house your precious video evidence in a solid, completely welded 16 gauge steel frame. A black powder coat presents a stylish look while providing a durable finish. To improve equipment access for servicing and still retain superior protection the top interlocks mechanically. A solid hinged door allows accessibility from the front and features a standard key lock.

Overheating is managed by a 4-1/2" ball-bearing fan with a washable filter that comes installed by Middle Atlantic. This Recorder Lock Box can be mounted with optional wall mount brackets, and the front panel can be replaced with a plexiglass panel (call for details). Available in two models, the standard model fits your larger VTR's while the 55 model is designed for VTR's with a low profile.

*For cable protection around knockout holes try the Protective Grommet Roll for Wall Mount Component Cabinets.

**Come with a 3 year warranty and are EIA compliant.

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