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Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

Description of Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

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Data security is very important these days, what with wireless networks, clouds, and certain hacking organizations. Sometimes it’s tough, but you can protect your home or office network with the Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device. These little jacks can be installed into most modules and wall plates, using a specialized tool (included) that is also required to remove them. Operating as blockout devices, these devices secure network infrastructure by blocking out unused RJ45 jacks.

Not only does this protect your network, but the Panduit blockout jacks also keep connections free dust and other harmful foreign objects. Additionally, by locking these extra connectors, children cannot fiddle with the access point and be exposed to electrical shock—a great safety feature for families. Over time, these Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Devices will save money associated with downtime, data security breaches, hardware replacement, theft and infrastructure repair.

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Features and Benefits

  • Secures network by blocking out unused RJ45 jacks
  • Removal requires use of a specialty tool (included)
  • Installation is easy and removal does not cause damage to jack contacts
  • Compatible with most RJ45 types
  • Protects hardware from dust and other harmful, small objects
  • Ideal for child proofing electrical devices
  • Helps save time and money associated with downtime, security breaches, theft, infrastructure repair, and other related problems
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Compact and low profile design
  • RoHS Compliant


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