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RipWrap Cable Ties

Description of RipWrap Cable Ties

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Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, Perforated Rip Wrap is recommended by cable manufactures for use on your sensitive data and fiber optic cables due to its 'soft' hold. Also utilized in other industries such as floristry, gardening, audio and medical supplies, and home cinema.

A full size of perforated roll is 1/2 " x 8" and yields 45 pieces (no scissors needed).

In stock colors are blue, black, yellow, orange and white. Please call if alternate colors are needed; minimum quantities may apply.

Also available in a 150 foot continuous roll (non-perforated); color black only.

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Features and Benefits

  • Available in either perforated or non-perforated roll
  • Perforated roll yields 45 1/2" perforated pieces; non-perforated roll is 150 continuous feet
  • Each perforated piece yields up to 25 re-fastenings
  • Usage is for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 2 inch overlap yields 3.0 psi shear strength

More Info

Each roll is perforated every 20 cm, easy to detach:


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