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Plenum Rated Fire Retardant WrapStrap - Rip-Tie

RipTie Plenum Rated WrapStrap

Description of Plenum Rated Fire Retardant WrapStrap - Rip-Tie

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Cable wrapping is great for managing wires and bundles, but what about intense environments where such things can be exposed to high temperatures and other dangerous conditions? Rip-Tie Plenum Rated WrapStrap is the perfect fit for these situations, made out of polyethylene and nylon, these cable wraps are flame retardant and will withstand the heat. Made for light duty work, they can be reused up to 50 times to secure cables and wires along walls and ceilings.

In addition, the RipTie Plenum Rated straps are similar in design and function to the WrapStrap Plus model. The entire strap is one long cable tie wrap, with two sidesthe hard side is a molded, polyethylene hook, and the soft side is a thin nylon loop with a small, rounded tip. WrapStrap Plus models are constructed differently from most reusable cable wraps; using a patented design, the hook and loop are laminated together for a permanent connection between the two parts.

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Features and Benefits

  • Soft side is 100% Nylon, made with a thin knotted loop or small rounded tip
  • Hard side is a molded, 100% Polyethylene hook
  • WrapStrap Plus uses patented hook and loop laminated design
  • 200 release cycles for WrapStrap Plus
  • 50 release cycles for Plenum rated WrapStrap
  • Plenum rated WrapStrap is UL rated 94-V2 and flame retardant

More Info

Plenum RatingMaterial
UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 94-V2Hook - 100% Polyethylene
FAR 2.5 853 A/BLoop - 100% Nylon
NEC Section 300-22 (C) & (D)


Color Options: Black or Cranberry

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